Kitchen Display System - Overview - Reporting

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  • Reporting is used to show Average Ticket times and to report on specific tickets.  Used to apply a metric for how the kitchen is doing in regards to getting tickets out of the Kitchen in a timely manner.

Required Permissions

Accessing the Tool

  1. Log in to your mPOS system using your PIN.

  2. Select the Flyout Menu.

  3. Choose Mobile POS Config.

  4. Select KDS.

  5. Choose the Reporting tab.

Reporting Landing Page

You have 2 types of reports that you can run:

  1. Average Ticket Times - Used to give an Average of ticket Prep, Sell and Serve times.  

  2. Ticket History - Used to give specific details of a ticket’s Prep, Sell and Serve times as well as Area, Server, and member information.  Will also show the Ticket Audit report.

Average Ticket Times

To run the report for Average Ticket Times, Select the Average Ticket Times option and:

  1. Enter Station to be reported or choose All for all stations.

  2. Choose the Start Date that you wish to begin with.

  3. Choose the End Date that you wish to stop with.

  4. Choose the Day of Week that  you wish to report or choose all.  

  5. Choose the Start Time that you wish to run the report for.

  6. Choose the End Time that you wish to run the report for.

  7. Choose to organize by Date, Area, or Station

  8. Select Run Report

Once you have ran the report, you have 2 options for what can be done with the report:

  1. Export To CSV 

  2. Print

Ticket History

To run a report for a specific ticket, choose Ticket History and:

  1. Enter the Ticket Number.

  2. Select Run Report.  

Once the Report is ran you will see information about this specific ticket. You will see the ticket number, Date, Area Name, Table Name, Member Name, Prep and Serve times, Coursing times if coursing is turned on, and the Ticket Audit.

Like with the Average Ticket Times report you can also Print or Export to CSV.  

Best Practices