Office (01.09.23) Release


January 09, 2023





Mobile POS


Added support for tee times configured with “ask for guest” fee items


  • When a club has configured the tee sheet rules in Axis to use an ask for guest fee item as the fee for a tee time check in, mobile pos now prompts the user to select the guest that is accompanying on the ticket after the user selects who is being paid for so long as a guest is selected






Combo Items no longer allow both billing and fnb/retail items from being in the same combo

  • Combo items will no longer allow both retail/fnb and billing items to be placed in the same combo


 Vendor invoice batches have a new column chooser for “G/L account”


  • Under accounts payable, approve vendor invoice batches, then expand one of the batches, users are now able to select from the column chooser a new option for "G/L Accounts" which would show the g/l account that is being posted to. If there are multiple G/L accounts being hit in one batch, show each account comma separated until you run out of room and then denote that with a "..."



Exempt statuses from automatic suspension

  • System -> system settings -> membership -> configure. For clubs that have automatic suspension enabled there is a new configure button that now also contains a multi-select for member statuses that will be excluded from automatic suspension.





Addition of “Exit to Dashboard on send” and “Sign out on send” to a device’s settings page

  • The settings “Exit to dashboard on send” and “sign out on send” have been added to the settings page for devices. When "Sign Out on Send" is checked, then when an order is sent to the kitchen the user should be returned to the screensaver screen requiring the user to pin back in. When "Exit to Dashboard on Send" is checked, then when an order is sent to the kitchen the user should be returned to the dashboard (which selects the Open Tickets tab by default).

Caption field will now auto-populate with item name

  • On screen groups, when a button of type Item is created, the caption field will now auto populate with the item name after an item is selected. Note you are able to change the caption after it has auto-populated.


Addition of a “changed by” field to the audit log

  • All audit logs will now contain a “changed by” field which displays who made the change

Audit logging added to multiple new areas

  • Audit logging has been added to screengroups, table layouts, station groups, mobile ordering areas, device groups, printer groups


Areas have been added to the config site

  • Areas have been added to the config site allowing users to change ticket template settings as well as the screengroups and table layouts associated with an area (this allows for things created in the config site to be assigned to areas) Note you cannot create a new area in the config site, only edit existing ones.

Addition of a warning message when users attempt to delete various pieces of the config site

  • Devices, printers, stations, screengroups, table layouts, ticket templates, notification messages, areas, menus, notification templates have all be updated such that when a user clicks delete, they are prompted with a warning message where they must accept or cancel their delete.

When clicking on a ticket header in KDS the system will now also show the Member Name by default and swap to the server name

  • Moving forward when a ticket comes into KDS it should show the table number and MEMBER NAME by default and when pressed should switch the table number to the ticket number and the member name to the server name.

Bug Fixes


  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where MPOS quick member charge and quick cash were not properly checking to make sure that the payment type was not deleted before allowing the transaction to finalize. Note that moving forward if there is no member charge or quick cash payment type available to be used the system will now prompt an error

    • Note that this fix also seems to have fixed an issue clubs were experiencing with quick cash and quick member charge where it seemed as though the system was not properly taking into account overrides set at the area level.

  • Mobile POS  - Fixed an issue where deleted retail items were appearing when doing an item search

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the member charge wizard was not working with templates whose names started out numerically 

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where vendor invoices were not respecting the order of entry

  • CMA - Fixed an issue for clubs that have multi location inventory enabled where various areas of the system were incorrectly using the club wide average cost instead of the area level cost. When a unit is sold in a POS system, if a count sheet is created for an area, and if inventory is transferred via the inventory transfer wizard the cost is now the area level cost as intended. This area level cost was correctly being used when a unit was sold via a member charge in CMA.

  • Classic POS  - Fixed an issue where the system would fail to process when using the member charge all feature with a guest member and a voucher was available and selected to be used.


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