Office (01.30.23) Release


January 30, 2023





Mobile POS


Addition of voucher information on member profile


  • We have added a member’s voucher information to their individual member profiles within MPOS. Note that this only shows their vouchers not that of their dependent/spousal members.







Unhid the MICR # Mask Help button

  • In a prior sprint the micr # mask help button was pushed too far down and was hidden from view, we have managed to “unhide” it



Outstanding vouchers report multi-select


  • On the outstanding vouchers report you are now able to multi-select vouchers you wish to view on the report instead of only being able to view 1 voucher at a time.

Addition of a "total balance" column to the column chooser on the "Manage Vendors" grid

  • We have added to the column chooser a new column for “total balance”

Addition of a ”refresh aging” button on the manage vendors grid

  • We have added a button to refresh aging on the manage vendor’s grid.



Addition of audit logging to Print routing, notification messages, and station routing

  • We have added audit logging to 3 new sections of the config site “print routing” “notification messages” and “station routing”

When an item is added to a menu the name will now autopopulate

  • When an item is selected on a menu the “Name” will now auto populate

Reason Codes  

  • We have added reason codes to the config site. When editing an area in the config site you will now be able to view all available reason codes. Reason codes that were assigned to an area in CMA will come over automatically checked, those that were unchecked in CMA will come over unchecked. Note: with this change reason codes cannot be assigned in CMA any longer, though they are created and deleted as normal in CMA

Addition of excluded member types to an area

  • We have added excluded member types to areas in the config site

    Note: any changes you make to the excluded member types in an area in CMA will not sync to mPOS unless its a new area.


Bug Fixes


  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where clubs with the config site were unable to sync newly created areas from CMA.

  • Mobile POS  - Fixed an issue where refunds done through the member history were not discounting properly based on quantity

  • Mobile POS  - Fixed an issue where deleted reservations folios were still appearing in MPOS to be settled to

  • Mobile POS  - Fixed an issue where the ticket history grid was not properly converting UTC time

  • Mobile POS config site  - Fixed an issue where the audit log was not respecting the date filter

  • Mobile POS config site  - Fixed an issue where one station was not able to have multiple areas sending to it

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where clubs were unable to complete the inventory count process 

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where quick checks linked to item receipts were erroring when you attempted to save

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the system was not properly disallowing voided check numbers from being used again

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the item sales report was cutting off entries

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where users were unable to post a member charge that contained a combo


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