Office (05.15.23) Release


May 15, 2023





Mobile POS Config Site


Attaching Kiosk Screengroups

  • The config site now allows for a Kiosk Screengroup to be added to a Kiosk device.



Month End Wizard

  • We have Added a “Sync Statements for Members With no Current Period Activity” checkbox to the month end wizard. Now statements will be available for members who have a $0 statement.




Ticket Time Counter

  • We removed the cap off the time ticket time counter. Previously it was capped at 99:59, now the timer has no cap.



Ticket Header and Bump Bar

  • We made a change so that when a user presses on the ticket header to change the display from ticket # to table # and vice versa, the bump bar associated with that ticket will now also change and display the table number or ticket number.




  • We added additional notifications so now KDS stations will display the 10 most recent events.



Bug Fixes


  • Mobile POS - We fixed an issue where clubs were unable to sell items as fractional qty.​

  • Mobile POS - We fixed an issue where voucher ticket templates were not printing on the ticket.​

  • Mobile POS - We fixed an issue where the employee timesheet was sometimes printing for the prior pay period.

  • Mobile POS Config - We fixed an issue where deleted items were appearing when creating screengroup buttons of type item.​

  • CMA - We fixed an issue where devices with mobile ordering areas were erroring out when editing and attempting to save your changes.​


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