Office (06.5.23) Release


June 5, 2023





Mobile POS


Ticket Audit Report Now Reports on Re-opens That Were in a Pending Gratuity State

  • When a user in MPOS re-opens a ticket that is in the pending gratuity state, an entry should be added in the ticket audit report for who re-opened the ticket and when it was re-opened. ​


New System Tool Setting

  • System Tools now has an option to "Print receipt when adding gratuity to Credit Card Payments” 





Create a Tax Code Item with Negative Value

  • Users can now create a Tax Code Item that uses a negative amount or percentage.  ​


Vendor Invoice Wizard Now Checks for Duplicate Invoice Numbers

  • Made a change so that the vendor invoice wizard will now do a check for duplicate invoice numbers and will throw an error if detected.​




Hiding the KDS Config Tab if the Club is not Using KDS

  • Made a change so that the KDS config tab will no longer display in the left hand flyout if there is no KDS system that has been set up and linked in admin cloud.​


Device Timeout is now a Numeric Field​

  • Made a change so that the device timeout setting is now a numeric text field with no cap instead of the prior dropdown model with 10s iterations and a cap of 60s.​


Bug Fixes


  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where in some instances expired gift cards were still appearing in the gift card settlement screen allowing them to be used to close a transaction.​

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where Notification messages did not have an option to be “included on ticket” when a user was changing the member on a ticket.

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where the receipt details ticket template control was not properly displaying the last 4 digits of the card on file.

  • Mobile POS Config - Fixed an issue where when the 1st element on a ticket template was not the first position designated on a line, the system would error out.​

  • KDS - Fixed an issue where when routing to station groups, reopening a ticket from history would sometimes cause other stations to load the ticket back with duplicate items.


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