Office (08.07.23) Release


August 07, 2023





Mobile POS


The Maximum Surcharge Has Changed From 4% to 3%

  • Due to recent regulation changes, we have reduced the maximum surcharge amount from 4% to 3% for CE Payments Card Present. Clubs will not need to make any changes; CE will handle all adjustments to clubs with a surcharge of over 3%. 


The Settlement Page in MPOS Will Only Display Gift Cards with A Greater Than 0 balance

  • We made a change such that when selecting a gift card on the settlement page, the page will now only display gift cards with a greater than 0 balance remaining.


Mobile Ordering Menus mPOS Display

  • We Made a change so that when a menu is outside of the correct accepting orders window, “Accepting Orders Until” will no longer display. - This was causing issues because members were able to select items and build out their order only to be given a message when trying to finalize that the menu was not available. 





Northern Trust Bank Positive Pay Format

  • We have added a positive pay export format for Northern Trust Bank to be used for Vendor Payments.


New ReServe System Setting for “Event Invoice Payment Type”

  • We have added a new system setting for “Event Payment Type” under System Settings -> Partner Products -> Reserve Gateway -> Settings that controls the payment type. When an event invoice is created, the system will check to see if a payment type is set on this setting and if so, will use this default payment type. If not, the method will default to using the logic we had prior.


Improved the Performance of Several Interactive Reports

  • We have done some code rewriting for some of our reports to help improve their performance when running against our larger databases.


Bug Fixes


  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where employees who did not have proper permissions to make returns were still able to do them.  

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the “Sync Statements for Members with no Current Period Activity” option was also synchronizing spouses and dependent members who had current period activity. 

  • CMA - Fixed an issue where the voucher expiration wizard was sometimes displaying an unhandled exception error due to a timeout. 


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