Office (09.05.23) Release


September 05, 2023





Mobile POS


Show Reciprocal Ticket Template Element Displays in mPOS

  • The show reciprocal ticket template element which exists on the “member” control in CMA now displays in MPOS the same way it does in CPOS.


Gift Cards That Are Sold Through Back Office Now Appear as a Singular Line With 1 Total on the Gift Card Grid

  • Made a change such that a gift card that is sold and recharged through the back office will now appear as a singular line with a single total on the gift card grid in MPOS. 






Renamed Club Intelligence

  • We have renamed the club intelligence dashboard to Resource Center and the Club Intelligence main nav to “Dashboards.” 


Made an Improvement to the MPOS Ticket Reconciliation Grid So That It Won't Time Out

  • Made some improvements to the mPOS ticket reconciliation grid so that it should load faster and not time out. 



Truist Bank Positive Pay

  • Ap > Approve Payment Batches -> Now able to select Truist Bank as a positive pay format. 


Addition of “Include employee ID” Checkbox on Server Tips Report

  • We have added a new checkbox on the server tips report for “Include employee ID”. 


Config Site/KDS


Addition of a Default Printer Column on the Device Grid

  • We have added a default printer column to the device grid in the config site.


Addition of Screengroup Overrides

  • We have added screengroup overrides to areas -> screengroup overrides in the config site so that clubs can add a screengroup override the same way they can in CMA.



Bug Fixes


  • CMA – We Updated the AR Threshold error message so that the word “family” is not misspelt. 

  • CMA – We Fixed an issue where dependent members folios were not appearing on primary member statements if the primary member had no folio activity in that period. 

  • CMA – We Fixed an issue with the guest visits data genie report erroring out. 

  • CMA – We Fixed an issue with event payments not being properly pulled into office. 

  • Mobile POS – We Fixed an issue where A “!” would sometimes be printed at the top of tickets. 

  • Mobile POS – We Fixed an issue where Notification messages did not have an option to be “included on ticket” when a user was changing the member on a ticket. 

  • Mobile POS Config – We Fixed an issue where mobile ordering menus associated with mobile ordering areas that were created in the config site would not appear on the app. 


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