Office (09.25.23) Release


September 25, 2023








Attachments Can be Added to Journal Entries

  • We have added new functionality to journal entries allowing users to add attachments to journal entries. Attachments can be added when creating the entry, posting the entry, and even edited when viewing the non-posted and posted batch. This works similarly to the attachment feature within Vendor Invoices.  




  • Vendor Invoice Wizard Will Now Check Duplicates Against Pre-existing Invoice Numbers  


  • When importing via M/D (Master/Detail) or Flat, the system will now do a check against pre-existing invoice numbers in CMA (on a per vendor basis) for duplicates and will notify you if duplicates in your file exist. 

Shifting the Tax-Exempt Checkbox

  • It was brought to our attention that the tax-exempt checkbox on “groups” was being clicked accidentally, so we have made a change to shift it down and away from other settings to prevent this. 


Addition of “Include employee ID” Checkbox on Server Tips Report

  • We have added a new checkbox on the server tips report for “Include employee ID”. 


Config Site/KDS


Rules Can Now be Copied to Multiple Destinations

  • Rules can now be copied to multiple destinations at the same time as opposed to one at a time. 



Bug Fixes


  • CMA – Updated the income statement consolidated drill down report to no longer show headers when there was no data to populate under those headers. 

  • Mobile POS - Fixed an issue where tickets were sometimes locked when no employee was currently viewing the ticket. 

  • Mobile POS Config - Fixed an issue where reordering of columns was not reordering alphabetically. 


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