Office (3.16.20) Release


Mobile POS

  • Bulk Entry support has been added to Mobile POS

Use Case: Users can now select multiple members when creating a ticket, add items to the ticket, and then create a ticket with those items for all selected members, all at once.


  • New setting in System Tools in Mobile POS. 

Use Case: A new setting, “Show print preview on Settle”, has been added to System Tools in Mobile POS to allow users to preview and print a settle receipt to a specific printer.



  • Additional options for receipt printing in Mobile POS.

Use Case: When printing a receipt in Mobile POS, users now have the option to print to a specific printer rather than always printing to the default printer linked to the device in CMA.


  • Enhanced family check-in functionality on Mobile POS. 

Use Case: Member photo display on family check-in has been added to Mobile POS in order to easily identify the member whose card is scanned or member number entered for check-in.


  • Support for more than two companies when posting Member Payment (Cash Receipt) batches in CMA has been added.

Use Case: Previously, the system only created offsetting entries for up to two companies. Now, the system will create all necessary offsetting company entries when posting a member payment batch, regardless of how many total companies are impacted in the batch. 

  • The ReServe Cloud integration has been updated to support tax code mapping into CMA. 

Use Case: When a ReServe event has taxes, the system will try to find matching tax code items in CMA (or use the Default tax code defined in ReServe Cloud settings).

  • An additional feature has been added to the Bank Reconciliation editor in CMA. 

Use Case: The Bank Reconciliation editor in CMA now has a new option “Include checks printed after As Of date” that allows users to include/exclude checks that were printed after the bank rec was completed.

  • Interactive Reporting addition, Vendor Insurance Report. 

Use Case: A new Vendor Insurance report has been added to CMA. Previously users had to access each individual Vendor profile to obtain insurance information.


  • Endpoint Editor - Sync Settings

Use Case: A warning dialog has been added when a user clicks the “Disable syncing this endpoint” checkbox in the Axis Endpoint Editor in CMA. Previously, the setting was often selected by mistake, preventing any future syncing until discovered.

Other Features

  • Cost Plus Markup price schedule support has been added to Mobile POS. The System will now charge the average cost of an item, plus the defined markup amount.

  • When creating a ticket for a Tee Time in Mobile POS, the system will now create the ticket for the selected member rather than the first member on the reservation. This feature eliminates the need to change the member assigned to the ticket if the member is paying for themselves.

  • The Server Tips report in CMA now has the ability to group by meal period.

  • The CE Payments Settlements report in CMA has been updated to show the “Filter By” option in the report header. Ensures the criteria is clearly outlined when reports are printed for auditors.

  • When a member’s join date has changed in Office, that will now trigger a sync of both the billing member and spouse member to the Website. Previously, this would not trigger sync for the spouse, causing issues with the spouse’s ability to access the website.

  • When a member’s spouse has changed in Office, that will now trigger a sync of the billing member, previous spouse, and new spouse to the Website. Ensures all spousal information properly syncs to the Axis website directory.

  • When an employee’s employee type in Office changes to an ‘inactive’ state, Office will now push that change to Axis so that the employee properly shows as inactive on the website.

  • The logic for syncing members from Office to Axis no longer checks the Web Privilege settings in CMA (which previously could cause errors on the sync until all privileges were granted).

  • When changing the ledger overrides for an item in CMA, those changes will now properly be logged and show in the item’s audit log.

  • When changing a spouse for a member in CMA, that change will now properly be logged and show in the member’s audit log.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Mobile POS where the date displayed on the All Open Tickets grid was using the wrong timezone.

  • Fixed an issue where the Deletes/Voids/Discounts/Comps report was not showing the correct employee for Mobile POS tickets.

  • Fixed an issue when doing a return from history in Mobile POS and attempting to settle with a quick member charge.

  • Fixed an issue when doing a split ticket in Mobile POS and items with a discount were not properly splitting the discount.

  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, the offsetting company entries for a member payment batch were not properly posting to the ledger.

  • Fixed several data inconsistency issues with the Member Roster Export report.

  • Fixed an issue where the amount of a billing schedule that uses a combo was not displaying properly.

  • Fixed an issue where a voucher item with a decimal price was causing rounding issues when it was redeemed on a ticket.

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