Office (4.6.20) Release


Mobile POS

  • Ticket Audit support has been added to Mobile POS.

Use Case: Users can now run a full Ticket Audit Report to any action completed on a given ticket within Mobile POS. The Ticket audit Report can be accessed in Mobile POS from the left-hand flyout menu, then selecting Ticket Audit Report and entering the ticket number in question, shown below. The Ticket Audit Report can also be viewed and printed from CMA. 



  • Terminal Override Date functionality has been added to Mobile POS. 

Use Case: With this added functionality, Users can now pre-date and post-date tickets when charging through Mobile POS. Terminal Override Date settings can be accessed from the left-hand flyout menu then System Settings. 


After an override date and time have been set, the system will remind the User of the override with the following warning message. 


  • Additional option added to Member Details in Mobile POS.

Use Case: Users now have access to a Credit Book button within Member Details in Mobile POS. This will display the selected Member’s Credit Book Balances, as well as recent Credit Book transactions. 


  • Price Schedule Discounts now show Reason Code(s) on both Classic & Mobile POS. 

Use Case: Price Schedule discounts will now display the name of the Reason Code associated with the Price Schedule on Pay/Settle tickets in both Classic and Mobile POS. If no reason code is assigned, or if multiple Price Schedules apply, the system will then display Price Adj. 


  • Edit Invoice in POS now has added functionality from CMA. 

Use Case: When selecting the “Edit Invoice in POS” option in CMA for Mobile POS tickets, Users will now have the option to copy the “edit URL” to clipboard. 

Users will see the following message when selecting Edit Invoice in POS. Where selecting Yes will open Mobile POS in Chrome if it is installed and selecting No will copy the edit URL to your clipboard. 

 Please Note: For Hosted CMA Users, this can be pasted into a Chrome Browser in your local environment. 



  • Added security when creating Employee Profiles in CMA. 

Use Case: Employee ID is now a required field when creating a new Employee profile in CMA. This prevents potential issues when assigning web privileges to the Employee once the profile syncs to the Club’s website.

In addition, Employee Status is now a required field when creating a new Employee profile in CMA. This ensures the Employee’s profile will properly sync to the Club’s website.


  • Additional view has been added to Data Genie. 

Use Case: A new “Installment Billings” view has been added to the Data Genie so that Users can report on Installment Billing in detail, shown below.


  • Added functionality added to Data Genie.

Use Case: A new Expand All/Collapse All button has been added to the Data Genie to allow users to expand or collapse all rows and/or columns, highlighted below. 


  • Statement Message functionality has been added for Auto-Draft in PayCloud. 

Use Case: A Member's statement will now display the Auto-Pay Statement Message if the Member has an Auto-Draft account set up in PayCloud. This statement message can be modified from A Member's statement will now display the Auto-Pay Statement Message if the Member has an Auto-Draft account set up in PayCloud.

This statement message can be modified from:

System → System Settings → Membership

Other Features

  • When a user is editing Modifiers on a particular Item in Mobile POS, the system will not allow the user to send the order to the kitchen, until Modifier editing is complete.

  • When Mobile POS is calculating the price of a Modifier for a particular Item, the system will now factor in the Modifier Group ID. 

    • If the Modifier appears in multiple groups with multiple prices, the system will properly calculate the Modifiers price for the current Modifier Group, rather than attaching the highest price associated with the Modifier.

  • CE Payments settlement batches will now record the fee movement for reversed payments when the client is using fee passthrough.

  • Users can now access Member Statements older than 10 years from within the Member’s profile in CMA.

  • A “Table Name” field has been added to the Sales Summary and Sales w/ Line Item Detail Data Genie Views, for reporting on Classic POS F&B sales by Table.

  • PIN verified debit card transactions can now be processed via CE Payments Card Present.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented a sync when attempting to pull in ReServe/Infor Events with Revenue Centers configured for $0 tax.

  • Fixed an issue where the Credit Ticket and Post feature in CMA did not account for Comps.

  • Fixed an issue where split tickets in Mobile POS could cause an imbalance in the associated charge batch.

  • Fixed an issue where returning an Item from within a Combo in Mobile POS would mark the entire Combo as returned.

  • Fixed a display issue when returning items from a multi-tender transaction in Mobile POS.

  • Fixed an issue with the Aged Open Invoices Report, where the report was not properly displaying invoices with voided checks as paid.

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