Website (7.1.19) Release

 Website - Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the site timeout feature was causing Users to lose their progress when drafting an email in the New Email Editor without saving.

  • Fixed an issue with CRM when saving a campaign draft on a non-Eastern time zone site.  The time to send was defaulting back to Eastern time when editing, causing incorrect send times.

  • Fixed an issue with CRM Licensed Users receiving an Invalid User error message as if they were unlicensed in certain instances.

  • Fixed an issue with Court Reservations when setting up a recurring reservation, the system was not checking for the entire duration of reservations in future weeks which was resulting in some cases of double bookings. Users will now receive a warning notifying them of the booking conflict, and that the recurrence cannot be booked, shown here.

  • Fixed an issue with Reservations dropdown styling where the background was shorter than the content within, leaving the bottom options "floating".

  • Fixed an issue where the Court Reservations Court Utilization Report was not running regularly. This report shows the overall usage of courts in a given time range and date range. The report was empty for some clubs because it was previously running irregularly and is now running nightly, producing data for all court systems.

  • Fixed an issue with Website Menu Detail Statistics and Site Sessions not Logging.Fixed an issue with iOS Mobile App calendar event descriptions. Event descriptions that contain line breaks were not showing up. Fixed an issue with the Mobile App logout module/button not working on iOS when in the Quick Links.

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