Standard Group Sync with Office & Website

Table of Contents


Required Permissions

Static Groups & Opt-In/Opt-Out Groups

Static Groups are created by manually adding members to groups, but these groups may also be opt-in/opt-out, so that Members may choose to be included in the group.

  • Interest-Based Groups (i.e. Golf, Wine Club, Tennis, Junior Activities, etc.)

  • Board of Directors/Governors

  • Past Event Registrations

Dynamic Groups

Dynamic Groups are set by defined rules that pull from the Directory or accounting system.

  • Member Types (i.e. Golf Members, Social Members, etc.)

  • Membership Classifications (i.e Primary, Secondary, Dependants)

  • Male or Female

  • Outstanding Balance

  • Overdue Balance (60, 90, 120 days)

  • Remaining Minimum

  • Monthly Birthdays

  • Monthly Anniversaries

  • Never logged into the Website

  • Members w/ Dependants*

  • Members by age ranges*

  • Golf rounds in the last month* 

  • F&B purchases in the last month* 

  • Credit Book Balance*

  • Member Analytics Predictor Score**

  • New Member Onboarding/Welcome Emails 

  • Item Purchases* (based off of item reports, i.e. Taylor Made Clubs, Cases of Wine, Fitness Classes)

*Requires Clubessential Office Accounting Software 

** Requires Clubessential Office Accounting Software and Clubessential Member Analytics Predictor

Best Practices