Calendar & Event Manager


The Calendar and the Event Manager provide the ability to announce upcoming events throughout the website, take online registration, and manage registration all from your Clubessential website. The Calendar is a repository for all events and activities, while the Event Manager is an Administrative tool that works in conjunction with the Calendar.

Required Permissions

  • Admin

  • Editors

Calendar Views

The calendar offers several views for Members.  Understanding how the views look, as well as how and where the views are populated is critical to determining how the Calendar can best serve your Club.  This section provide an overview of the various available Calendar views that may be implemented on your Website.

  • Quickview - Most typically, this type of Calendar view is located on the member home page via the Calendar Plug-in. This view may also be used on any content page throughout the website. It will show the next X number of events over X number of days. Setting up the parameters and design of this view is managed by Clubessential based on information you provide. Events will dynamically populate this view based on the associated Filter. All events visible in the quick view need to be added via the Calendar - Full View.

  • Full View - This is the full view of the Calendar, and can be set to show day, week, month, year, or list view. It is most common to show this as month view; however, members may change their view manually on the site if desired.  This view houses the Event Creation tools which will be discussed in the next section.

  • Event View - This is the detailed view of each event, and is the view Members will see once they click on the Event from the Full View, or from the Quickview.  Here, dates and detailed times of the event are listed, along with a Register button if the event is one a member can register for.  Additional info, such as text and imagery can be added; or use of an Event Flyer may also be added.


There are three types of events, which can be added using two buttons on the Calendar.

  •  Single Day Event: one time event, such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. The Attendee only needs to come to the single event once.

  • Multi-Day Event: occurs over a period of time such as camps or tournaments. The Attendee must come to every day of the event, but only signs up once for this event.

  • Recurring Event: single day event that recurs, such as a Wednesday night dinner special; or even a recurring monthly event like Movie Night. The attendee is required to sign up for each event individually, but the same parameters for the event recur. 

Additional Calendar and Event Manager Resources

Adding an Event

Event Flyer

Event Manager

Default Event Notifications

Best Practices

  1. Using online registration and the Event Manager is an easy way to keep all reservation information in one place. There is no need for offline management when using the system in place on the website. It is also easy to communicate with attendees by using the blast email system on the website.


  1. I need to create a recurring event, but the event I have created lists all days on the single event.

    A: You have probably created a Multi-Day Event by which attendees must attend to ALL event days / times. Instead, create a Single Day Event and add information for the first event. Once you save to continue, the Clone Linked Events option will appear where you may add additional days for the event to occur on.