Website (3.11.19) Release

 Website - Release Notes


Mobile App

  • Improved Monthly calendar view on the iOS App to now start on Sunday instead of Monday to match the Website and Android App view.

Use Case: Previously, Members and Admins would see the calendar on the Website and the Android App starting on Sunday and the iOS App would show the week starting on Monday. Now, the iOS App month view of the calendar starts on Sunday to match the Website and Android App.

Please Note: Users must update to the latest version of the app to see this enhancement.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with CRM where Reservation edits were not properly reflected.

  • Fixed an issue with Dining Reservations when you edit the Reservation and use Reserve as a Person and Save, it did not save the Reserver as it should. Reserver name will now be changed and saved accordingly.

  • Fixed an issue with Tee Time SMS notifications (text messages) not sending for Members that have configured their setup to receive SMS notifications.

  • Fixed an issue with Reservations showing as duplicates when viewing Court or Dining Reservations from the Mobile App; specifically when hitting the back button to view past dates.

  • Fixed a Reservation page load issue for courts that was displaying the first reservation of the day at incorrect times in some instances.

  • Fixed an issue with Android Mobile App location services when a User chooses not to enable location services, the app becomes unusable. Users can now disable location services and utilize the app.

    • Please Note: Users must update to the latest version of the app to see this fix.

  • Fixed an issue with Mobile App group filtering for the Directory where filtered Directories were showing all accounts and not just filtered accounts.

  • Fixed an issue with Site Notifications and Confirmations not updating/saving properly.

  • Fixed an issue with PDF export for Articles, Event Flyers, and Statements when Users view as a PDF the downloaded file could not be opened and showed an error.

  • Fixed an issue with Text Message Validation when Members sign up with Text Messaging they were not receiving a Verification text as they should.

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