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The Office system allows the user to enter non-member payments if applicable. This feature can only be utilized for Cash Receipt Payments (including checks); no other form of payment can be entered as a non- member payment.

Use Case
  • Club receives a refund or rebate check from a Vendor.
  • Non-Member or Member donates to the club or a special project sponsored by the club. (In Member case, assuming Member donated $1,000 check to a special project, the check can be applied without having to attach it as a normal payment to the Member's account).


Accessing the Tool 

To enter a Non-Member Payment,

  1. Select Membership from the user menu, and then choose Member Payments.

  2. Select, Quick Add.

  3. The Cash Receipt Wizard will launch.

Enter Non-Member Cash Receipt

Enter the appropriate information for a typical Cash Receipt Payment into each step of the Cash Receipt Wizard. For a refresher, refer to the Member Payments reference guide for more information.

Click, Next when complete.

Payment Entry Screen

The payment entry for a Non-Member Payment is similar to entering a typical Cash Receipt Payment.

To enter a Non-Member payment,


1) Select the Lookup and choose Non-Member Cash Receipt.


2) Enter the Check Date. The system will default to the date the payment was entered.


3) Enter the Check Number of the check received. Cannot be left blank.


4) Enter the Amount of the check.

5) Select the lookup and choose the appropriate Ledger.


(Repeat as necessary to enter all appropriate payments into batch.)

6) When appropriate payments have been entered, click Finish.


7) Once Finish has been selected, system prompt “Would you like to print a deposit slip? will appear.

Click Yes to load the Cash Receipt Deposit Summary, and select printer icon to print the deposit slip.  After the slip has printed, close the Cash Receipt Deposit Summary and the Payment Batch will generate.

Click No to proceed directly to generating the Payment Batch.

8) Verify the GL posting is correct and select Post Batch.

Payment(s) will post to G/L.

Editing Posted Payments

All Payment Batches can be unposted unless they are flagged within a bank rec, in which case the system will not let the user unpost the batch.  Follow same procedure for editing Member Payments as outlined in the Member Payments guide.  

Best Practices

  • Enter Non-Member payments timely, and correct any errors in posting prior to marking amount as reconciled.


Q. I accidentally entered the wrong amount for a Non-Member cash payment, how do I fix this? 

A. Unpost the batch using the Approve Payment Batches function.  Then, re-open batch (through the Wizard) to correct payment amount.  Re-post when finished.  Refer to Member Payments guide for details.


Downloadable Guide

Non-Member Payments - Guide