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Get to know the various tools within the Clubessential Client Resource Center to easily navigate through help resources offered in: Office, Axis, Reservations, CRM, Banquets and the Unified Suite.


This video provides an overview of how to use the Clubessential Client Resource Center.

Note: Sections of the video have been referenced below with corresponding times in the video for ease of access

Total Video (Length)3:52

Resource Center Overview0:12
Accessing Product Home Pages1:42
Navigation Tools0:41
Product Home Page Options2:22




Resource Center Overview

The main home page of Resource Center allows you to navigate to educational materials for the product, or products of choice. 

Click on a Product Button to go to the Product Home Page.

Product Home Page Example:

Upcoming Education Webinars lists webinars that you can directly register for by clicking the webinar name.

Recently Updated lists pages that have been recently modified or show new material added to the Resource Center.

Search field allows you to search all products at once. 

Navigation Tools

Tree Structure allows you to expand areas to browse through pages in the Resource Center. Click on the links to go to the desired location. The Tree Structure may be hidden if desired.

At the top of every content page, a Breadcrumb trail will allow you to easily navigate back through the structure usually to a page you recently visited simply by clicking on the link.

If all pages are not visible in the Breadcrumb trail, click the three dots to expand the link list. 

Expanded List in Breadcrumbs:

On the top right of pages, you will note a direct clickable short-cut link that will help you return to the Product Home Page, or other various Landing Pages, depending where you are in the site.

Accessing Product Home Pages

The link to the Knowledge Base can be found in Axis by hovering over Clubessential in the right hand corner of the screen. Next, click the Knowledge Base Link.

In Office, click on the embedded Help Icon page or the Club Intelligence button.

Product Home Page Options

Getting Started is best suited for users who are new to the system.

Modules & Topics lists all available topics.

Webinars lists all available previously recorded Webinars.

The search feature allows you to search for topics or answers within the particular product.

Upcoming Education Sessions will list education sessions related to the product. Click on the session name to register.

Release Notes will list any recent updates or fixes within the product.

Recently Added Articles lists any updated documentation for the product.