Office (11.07.16) Release

Office - Release Notes



Accounts Payable

Manage Vendor Invoices - Grid 

  • Added Memo column to Vendor Financial Activity grid. 

Use Case: When viewing the grid, now view comments made in the Memo field for improved user experience.



Pay Bills - Entry Form 

  • UX Improvements (Basic same screen layout, improved user experience)

Use Case: Using this form is now easier with its latest upgraded technology, and responsive form.  Note: The new forms listed here will be rolled out in phases.  If your Club does not yet have these forms, you will be receiving them in the coming weeks.  If you would like to start using them before they have been turned on for your Club, please contact your support team.

Print Checks - Entry Form

  • Same enhancements noted above.

Quick Check - Entry Form

  • Same enhancements noted above.

Void Check Wizard

  • Same enhancements noted above.

Vendor Payment Types

  • Removed Vendor Payment Types from Office as they were not used for any current functionality.

    Use Case: Eliminate non-functioning options to eliminate confusion.

Interactive Reports: Vendor Activity Report

  • Added Memo column to the Vendor Activity report when drilling down to invoice detail.

Use Case: To improve research capabilities, when drilling into the invoice detail, comments left in the Memo field can now be viewed.


Items: Manage Item Modifier Groups

  • Updated the default multi-select lookup to be the Item Modifier on Item Modifier Group form.

Use Case: When creating Item Modifier Groups, form now defaults to selecting Item Modifiers for easier group creation.


Point of Sale (POS) 


General, System Settings - Utilities Tab 

  • Removed all local file screengroup caching in POS along with the settings on the Utilities tab. 

Use CaseThis behind the scenes functionality requires no change on the User side.

System Settings - Utilities Tab

  • Updated the Utilities tab to reorganize due to changing settings.

Use Case: Improved organization for better user experience.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the up/down and remove selected buttons from showing on the custom field sync configuration screen.

  • Fixed an issue where some nodes couldn't be expanded on the System Settings form.

  • Fixed an issue in the Pay Bills form where payment amounts would round to the whole dollar.

  • POS - Fixed an issue where closing a ticket with inventoried item would time out.

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