Office (11.21.16) Release

Office - Release Notes


Club Intelligence - All Dashboards

  • Updated all Dashboards to use the new grid and chart control User Interfaces.

Use Case: Improved UX when viewing/utilizing Dashboards.

General - User Interface Controls

  • Updated all legacy checkboxes, labels, combo boxes, color pickers and date pickers to use the new standard User Interface controls.

    Use Case: Improved UX utilizing Interface controls.


Point of Sale (POS)


  • Added support for a new settlement integration using B4Checkin to close a POS ticket to an Oracle/Micro folio. 

Use Case: This behind the scenes functionality allows clients to further integrate their online reservations with Clubessential POS, and Oracle/Micro. 

Credit Card Processor - Shift 4 

  • Added support for Shift4 Credit Card processing in POS for both Retail and F&B modes. 

Use Case: This enhancement allows Clients to now utilize Shift 4 as their credit card processor.


Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue where club users were seeing duplicate zero balance expired credit books in a member profile.

  • Fixed an issue where multi-select was not working when scrolling on the tee time tab.

  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Add button was not working properly in the Print Statement Wizard when selecting a Marketing Template.

  • Fixed an issue when entering date values in the the invoice date control that was requiring mouse usage.

  • Fixed an issue where Purchase Orders were being improperly flagged as complete when a user would delete a line from the PO in the Item Receipt grid.

  • Fixed an issue where a reciprocal member charge was not reflecting the quantity entered on the AP invoice.

  • Fixed an issue where a proxy member from the Tee Sheet was getting a blank ticket generated when using the Member Charge All button.

  • Fixed an issue with the Guest Room occupancy report that was including deleted rooms.

  • Fixed an issue with the inventory transaction history report that was including inventory adjustments for the day after the end date.

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