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First Impressions allow for presenting the member with information immediately upon logging in, forcing them to view it before being able to continue to the website.   They can be used and shown to individual members, staff, and group(s).  They have the option to select the time frame this page will be active, when it expires, and how many times it will display to users.

Use Case(s)

This is very useful when wanting to let members know about important changes or events in the club.  It’s also a great way to get members to verify that their profile information is up-to-date.


This video provides an overview of how to use First Impressions.

Note: Sections of the video have been referenced below with corresponding times in the video for ease of access

Total Video (Length)7:21

Accessing First Impressions0:37
Adding Content to First Impression4:30
First Impressions Interface1:03
First Impression Statistics6:07
Adding a New First Impression1:23
Expiring First Impressions6:45




First Impression Member View

A member will login to the website prior to receiving the First Impression.

Once the member logs in, the member will then see the First Impression message.

Accessing the Tool 

To access the First Impressions tool, follow the steps below depending on your access role.

Editors: Hover over Admin in the main navigation, select First Impressions.

The following First Impressions Interface will launch.

First Impressions Interface

The First Impression Listing will list Active Pages, Pending Pages, and Expired Pages. From the interface, you may Add a New listing, or edit Active, Pending, and Expired Listings. You may also View any of the listings and access Stats on each listing.

Active View

Pending View

Expired View

Adding a New First Impression

Click the Add New link to add a new First Impression page.

This will launch the Add New interface.


Name: this will be the name of the listing for Admin/Editor reference. 

Description: enter a description of the listing for Admin/Editor reference if desired.

 Show to All: enable to whom the message should be displayed. You may show listings to: Members, Editors, Admins, or Corp Admins (Clubessential Super Admins).

 Show to Groups: target specific Static Groups by clicking the checkbox next to the group name. (Note: this does not include Dynamic Groups, however, you can sync a Dynamic Group to a Static  Group if needed).

 Activate & Expiration: sets when the the listing will post and when it will expire. Launches the date picker and time picker.

 Display Count: determines how many times the listing will display on each login.

    • Set 0 for Continuous, which means the listing will display every time the selected users login until the listing expires.

    • If set for “1”, this will display the listing only once, so that once the user logs in and sees the listing, the listing will not display upon next login.

Order: if more than one First Impression page is active during the same time frame, you may enter in which order the listings will appear. Enter “1” for the listing to show first.

Click Save to continue to the next step of adding the content for the listing.

After saving the information a Click to Edit button is now visible. This will allow for the content creation of the First Impression listing.

Click the Click to Edit to launch the  Editor.

Create the content for the listing by typing into the Editor. You may add text, imagery, and hyperlinks. You may also use Templates as well to create a design for the listing.

Click Save in the Editor to save the content for the listing.


 You will return to the Edit First Impression interface. Click Save in the Edit First Impression interface to activate the listing.

New First Impression Page in Active Pages



Viewing Statistics on First Impressions

Next to each First Impression listing is a link for Stats. Click the Stats link to launch statistics on each First Impression listing.

The Stats listing will show who viewed the listing (member name and number), along with when the listing was viewed (time and date).

Click View next to a member’s name to be taken to their Member Profile to make any Profile Updates if necessary.

Editing First Impressions

First Impression Listings may be edited at any time. Click the Edit link next to any First Impression to launch the Edit First Impression Interface. From here, you may change any of the details of the listing.

Activating Expired Listings

You may reactivate any expired First Impression listing by clicking Edit next to the First Impression.

This will launch the Edit First Impression Interface. Next, choose an Expiration Date using the Date Picker to another date in the future. Click Save to activate.

The First Impression listing will now show under Active Listings.

Expiring Listings

 First Impression Listings cannot be deleted, so to remove a listing from the Active Listings, click edit next to the listing.

This will launch the Edit First Impression Interface. Next, choose an Expiration Date using the Date Picker to another date in the past.

Click Save to expire the listing.




Q: Can I delete a First Impression?

A: First Impressions cannot be deleted. Instead, click edit next to a listing to expire the page by using the Date Picker to select a date in the past.


Q: What are a few popular uses for First Impressions? 

A: First Impressions can have many uses and can be supplemental to Blast Emails. The most common uses of First Impressions are: Profile Update Reminder, Urgent Messages, and Special Club Announcements.


Q: What kind of content can I add to a First Impression?

A: Since the First Impression Listing uses the Editor to add content, you may add any content you like just like you would on any page within the website. You may add text, imagery, and hyperlinks. You may also use Templates to create a uniform design for each listing.


Best Practices


  1. Be conscious of how often members should see a First Impression listing. It is always best to only show the listing once so members do not need to see the listing every time they login. If a listing is shown every time upon login, this can deter users from logging in since they are unable to immediately go to their desired location on the website.

  2. First Impressions are a great way to signal users to update their profile, or to alert members to an urgent message.

  3. Use Target Marketing with First Impressions by using the listings to target specific users by selecting a Static Group to show the listing to. This will ensure the message is delivered to the right users.

  4. Keep messages short and to the point within the listing so members can easily read and access the information. For longer messages, link to another page or article.

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