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The Manage Item Receipts function is used as a control to ensure Items are received prior to payment being issued for them.  This function applies to Items marked in the system as Inventoried Items.

Use Case

A shipment of (6) new Drivers and (48) sleeves of balls just arrived at the club.  To ensure the Inventory records are updated properly, and the Invoice can be processed, the Pro Shop wants to ensure the items are received into Inventory.



To Receive an Item Into Inventory: 


    1. Click on “Accounts Payable”

    2. Click on “Manage Item Receipts” 


Then, click, “New.” 


Header Info 

Manage Item Receipts screen will launch. 


Enter Vendor goods are being received from.  Use the Lookup Value screen to help locate Vendor, and then select Vendor name to populate field.



Note: If utilizing the Purchase Order System, select the appropriate Purchase Order from the list.


System will automatically assign an Item Receipt Number, and will populate screen heading with details from the Vendor Masterfile as well as Items from the Purchase Order, if utilized. 

Add Items Received

To add an Item to receive, select “Item” from the drop-down “Type” field.   


Next, select the appropriate Item in the Name field. 


Note: If receiving Item for the first time and Item does not yet exist in the Item file, use the “Quick Add” feature to launch the Item Setup screen. 

Click, “Quick Add.” 


Then, complete Item Set-up as appropriate. 


Once Item exists, and has been selected in the Name field, Description field will auto-populate.  This field may be edited if desired.  For instance, Description could be overridden to indicate these balls were ordered as part of the Spring Shipment.   

Default Description: 




Next, select appropriate sales area if more than one Inventoried Area exists for the Club. 


Then, enter the appropriate received quantity and unit amount.  Total field auto-calculates. 


Line will automatically turn yellow if entered amount is outside of the system set variance, and will turn yellow for all new items. 


Note: The Cost Variance Percent setting can be adjusted in System Settings.   

Select, “System”, “System Settings.” 


Choose “Accounts Payable.”  Then, within the Inventory section, adjust Cost Variance Percent to desired level. 


More Items may be added to the receipt as needed.   

Allocate Shipping

When all Items are added, and shipping costs need to be allocated to the Items, click the “Allocate Shipping” button.  Then, enter total amount of shipping, and click, “OK.” 

Memo Field 

Populate the Memo field (if desired) with additional reference information, such as the Invoice number, or a special note. 

Save, Close, Print 

When complete, click, Save and Close. 


Upon the “Save and Close” function, if cost variance still exists (yellow lines), system will provide warning.  Click, “Yes” to continue, or investigate and edit as required. 


Print Inventory labels if desired. 


Upon save, new Item receipt appears at the top of the Item Receipt grid. 


Print Item receipt report by clicking on the Item Receipt, and then clicking the “Print” button. 


If desired, print, or export report to Word, Excel, or pdf format. 



Q.  How do I adjust the variance amount that triggers the Yellow Highlighted (Item) lines?

A. Go into System, System Settings, Accounts Payable Option, Inventory Section, and change the "Cost Variance Percent" field to desired percentage.  Item line will turn yellow when variance exceeds this amount.

Downloadable Guide

Manage Item Receipts - Written Guide