Office (12.05.16) Release

Office - Release Notes


Club Intelligence - Open Ticket Dashboard 

  • Updated the Open Ticket dashboard to always show the POS Ticket ID column by default.

    Use Case: Quickly research details of an open ticket by identifying the ticket number when first opening the open ticket dashboard.

Employees - Groups - Roles

  • Updated the system to add a new POS Terminal security role called 'Allow Item Management'. By default all users with rights to POS->System Tools will get this role.

    Use Case: Enable users to make changes (price, countdown or daily special settings) to an Item within the system tools section of the POS by assigning this role (if not already auto-assigned).  Conversely, prevent users who may have access to System Tools from making edits to Items by disabling this role.


General Ledger - Budgets 

  • Updated the Budget Wizard to allow users to copy to and from budgets in future years.

    Use Case:  Club Management would like to review several budget scenarios for a future year.  To quickly populate another scenario, copy values from first budget generated, and use the modification feature (fixed $ or %) as desired.


POS - Tee Sheet - Ticket Printing 

  • Updated the POS Tee Sheet integration to group similar fee items when automatically generating tickets. 

Use Case: A company outing reserved in Tee Times will include 12 people and each will have 1 green fee, and 1 cart fee.  Instead of listing 12 green fees and 12 cart fees individually on the ticket (resulting in a very long printed ticket), the auto-generated ticket will now summarize or group like items together such as (12) green fees, and (12) cart fees, and therefore, print a much more manageable ticket.


3rd Party Integrations 

  • Updated the timeout value to 5000ms from 2000ms for POS charges posted through the COMTROL interface to 3rd party PMS systems.

    Use Case: Experience success (rather than timeouts) when processing POS charges to certain Property Management Software systems with this behind the scenes functionality upgrade.


  • Updated the logging for Oracle PMS integration to add selected room number and name.

    Use Case: This behind the scenes enhancement now ensures selected room number and name are also included in the Oracle Interface.


General UX Improvements 

Use Case: Navigating, entering data, and selecting dates is now easier with this upgraded technology and these responsive form improvements. 

  • Updated the Event Management Calendar with an updated user interface control.

  • Updated all legacy Tree View with updated user interface controls.

  • Updated all legacy Calendar pickers with updated user interface controls.

  • Updated all legacy toolbars with updated user interface controls.


Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue with the Pay Bills form that allowed users to click Save without selecting any payments.

  • Fixed an issue with the Payment Batch report showing an error when trying to render a payment with an empty check number.

  • Fixed an issue with the budget editor retrieving budgets for the default budget type instead of the budget type specified in the editor when copying from multiple accounts.

  • Fixed an issue where the system could error when deleting Open Edge enrolled credit cards in CMA.

  • Fixed an issue where you could delete an item even if it was being used in the ReServe Cloud interface.

  • Fixed an issue where the Area Layout form would crash when cutting and pasting elements.

  • Fixed an issue with the GL Overview form crashing when moving a top-level node up or down.

  • Fixed an issue with the Item Sales by Tender Type report excluding invoices with no invoice payment records.

  • Fixed an issue with the Tax Code Item edit form where it was showing the wrong options on the rules combo box.

  • Fixed an issue with employee names not showing up for Employee Hours Worked on Employee Dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not choose (None) for a member in the Rental Item edit form.

  • Fixed an issue with the Items Purchased by Member report showing inconsistent gratuities when grouping by Member Family versus Member/Age/Member Type.

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