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A Credit Book is established by Clubs to distribute money (oftentimes prize money for tournaments, Hole in Ones, or other contests) in the form of credit to its Members.  Members can then use the credit to purchase allowable items at the Club.  Credits will oftentimes have an expiration date, and a stipulation that will either allow or disallow other family members to use the credit. 

Use Case

Mr. Smith plays in a men’s league at the Club.  At the beginning of the league, every Member of the league pays $100 to enroll in a hole-in-one contest.  Anyone who gets a hole-in-one during the season receives $150 in the form of a credit to their Credit Book to spend in the Pro Shop.  The credit is valid for one year from date of issuance.


Set Up Credit Book

 When setting up Credit Book, it is important to determine the Areas in which the Credit Book can be redeemed. For example, Clubwide Credit Book may be accepted in all Areas, while Golf Credit Book may only be used in the Golf Area.

Area Groups

 To set the Areas where the Credit Book may be used: 

Navigate to System (across the top of the screen) and select Area Groups.


If an Area Group already exists for the Credit Book Type you are adding, you do not need to add a new one. You can double click into an Area Group to see which Areas are connected to it.

To add a new Group or area:

Click the New icon.


 1) Enter the Area Group Name.

 2) Add a Description. (optional)

 3) Select the Areas that are to be included in the Area Group.

 4) Click Save & Close.



Credit Book Type

Navigate to Membership (across the top of the screen) and select Credit Book Types.

Click the New icon.


1) Enter the Name of the Credit Book Type.

2) Add Description (optional).

3) Add Default Description - This will be the description that shows in Posting Summaries.

4) Select the Credit and Debit Ledger.

Two scenarios:

 a) If a pro owns the shop, a Due to Pro Liability account will need to be selected.

b) If club owns the shop, a Shop Credit Liability account will need to be selected.

5) Select the Area Group.

6) Enter an Expiration Value (in days).

7) Allow Dependents to Spend Credit - If checked, dependents will be able to redeem credit assigned to the Primary Member.

8) Automatically Apply Payment in POS - If checked and the Member has an available balance, the system will automatically apply Credit Book as the settlement type in POS.

9) Include Balance on Statement - If an available Credit Book Balance is desired on monthly statements, please check this box, and contact support so they can make the necessary adjustments to your Statement Template.

10) Click Save & Close. 

Credit Book Eligible

During POS item setup, be sure to flag any items that can be purchased with Credit Book as Credit Book Eligible.  Members will not be able to use their credit on items not flagged as such. 

Issuing Credit Book 

Credit Book is issued in the Membership module via the Credit Book Wizard.

To access the Credit Book Wizard, select Membership from the left user menu and choose Member Credit Book.


1) Select Quick Add from the Lookup Value.


2) The issue date of the Credit Book batch will always default to the day it is entered. Click Next.

3) Select the Member to whom the credit should be issued.

4) Select the appropriate Credit Book Type.

5) The Description, Debit Ledger, and Expiration Date will automatically populate based on the rules assigned to the Credit Book Type.

6) Enter the Amount of credit to issue.

7) Click Finish.

8) Post the Batch.

Redeem Credit Book at POS

Credit Book is redeemable at any Area that is selected within the Area Group that is linked to the Credit Book Type. 

To redeem Credit Book, 

1) Create a transaction and select a Member as normal.

 2) Select the item(s) and choose Close Ticket when ready to complete the transaction.

 3) If the Credit Book Type is flagged to automatically apply payment at POS and the Member has an available balance, the Credit Book Settlement Type will automatically populate into the Payments tab.

Note: If the Credit Book Type is not configured to automatically apply payment at POS, the Credit Book Settlement Type button will display the amount of the ticket that is redeemable by Credit Book. Select this Settlement.

4) Complete the Transaction.


In many cases, a Member may purchase some items that are redeemable by Credit Book and some that are not.

For instance, if a Member purchases two items, one is Credit Book eligible the other is not, Members can use their Credit Book on the Credit Book eligible item, and choose another settlement for the item that is not.

If the Credit Book Type is flagged to automatically apply payment at POS, when the ticket is closed the system will automatically apply the Credit Book settlement to the balance of the ticket that is Credit Book eligible.  Members can then pay the rest of the balance with another settlement type.

If the Credit Book Type is not configured to automatically apply payment at POS, the Credit Book Settlement Type will display the amount on the ticket that is redeemable by Credit Book. Select this settlement and another method of payment to cover the remaining balance on the ticket.


If the Credit Book Type is not configured to automatically apply payment at POS, the Credit Book Settlement Type will display the amount on the ticket that is redeemable by Credit Book. Select this settlement and another method of payment to cover the remaining balance on the ticket.


Display Credit Book Balance at POS

To display an available Credit Book balance at POS, navigate to System< Areas within CMA.


Double click the Area, select Member Info on left pane, check Credit Book Total.

The Member’s available Credit Book balance will now show in the top left corner of the POS screen.



Credit Book Expiration Wizard 

This feature allows the user to edit the expiration date or reduce the remaining balance of the Credit Book. 

Note: Credit Book balances cannot be increased in this feature.

 1) Navigate to the Membership menu and select Credit Book Expiration.

2) The Credit Book Expiration Wizard will launch.

As Of Date and Type

Populate the following fields to designate Credit Memo population to edit.

 a) Expired As Of: All Credit Book with a current expiration date on or before the date entered here will be listed on the next screen.

 b) Type: Select the Credit Book Type by clicking the lookup icon. Only one Credit Book Type can be selected at a time.

Then, choose to either change an expiration date or reduce a balance. 

Change (Credit Book) Expiration Date 

1) Once As of Date and Type are populated, change expiration date(s) as follows:

a) Change the Expiration Date: Select this to manually extend, or expire the current expiration date of a Credit Book value. The system will list all Credit Book with the As of Date entered and allow the user to manually choose which Credit Book value to change.

b) Automatically adjust all expired: Enter the new expiration date to which all Credit Book expirations should be adjusted.  The system will adjust ALL Credit Book that meets the Expired As Of Date entered above.

Note: Do not choose this option if the Credit Book values require different expiration dates.

2) Then, select Next to move to the next screen.

3) In the New Expire Date Column, enter the New Expiration Date for the corresponding Credit Book value.

Note: If Automatically adjust all expired is checked, the date entered in this step will be entered into the New Expire Date column for ALL Credit Book values that met the As Of Date. However, if desired, the New Expire Date can still be manually changed if any select Credit Book values should have a different expiration date.

4) When complete, click Finish.


Reduce Remaining Balance

To reduce the remaining balance (the balance cannot be increased):

1) Check Reduce Remaining Balance option to reduce all or a portion of the amount.

2) Using Payment Type: Click the down arrow and select the settlement type. The settlement type should be the same POS settlement type for Credit Book at the POS.

3) Automatically reduce all expired: ALL Credit Book values that meet the As of Date will be reduced to zero. For Example; if all Credit Book values expire at the end of the year, use this option. Note: It is possible to change the amount to expire if there are Credit Book values that will not be reduced to zero.

4) Item: Item to use for the credit (see club accountant for this information). This is the unused portion of the Credit Book.

5) Select Next to move to the next screen.

6) Enter the Expire Amount; this is the amount to reduce from the remaining balance.

 Example: if the remaining balance is $55 and the new remaining balance should be $50, then enter $5 in the Expire Amount column.

7) When complete, click Finish.

Note: If Automatically reduce all expired is checked, all Credit Book values will be reduced to zero by their remaining amount.


Clean Up Unused Portion of Credit Book 

Note: This is typically done at end of year to clean up unused Credit Book balances.

1) Set up an Item called Unused Credit Book.

Note: This item must be set up as a Retail Item and Ask For Price must be checked.


2) Sell the item Unused Credit Book at the POS for the entire balance of the selected Member’s Credit Book.  This will clear up the unused portion of the Credit Book. 

Expiration Wizard Tips and Tricks

Issue: When using the Credit Book Expiration Wizard the Credit Book in question may not display after the first step of specifying the "Expired as Of" and other criteria

REASON: If the Credit Book in question has an expiration date farther out than the one selected in "Expired As Of" or has no expiration date then the credit book will NOT EVEN SHOW UP

TRICK / WORK AROUND: On the Expired as Of date click on the Year the Right Arrow and go out to the year 3000 (no, really, the year 3000) and then select the credit book and other criteria and then Next and then the Credit Book will show up

REASON WHY IT WORKS: The wizard will only pull up Credit Books with an Expiration date "inside" the date range end point you specify, by going out to the year 3000 you are ensuring to capture all Credit Books regardless of when they are set to expire or if set to "never expires"


View Credit Book in Member Profile


To view Credit Book activity within a Member’s profile,

1) Navigate to the Membership menu and select Manage Members.

2) Select the Member in question and choose Credit Book from the left pane of the Member’s profile.

3)  Select the Credit Book Type to view, and the time frame to view activity.  (The system defaults to one month prior.)

4) The remaining balance of the Credit Book will be in blue to the right of the Credit Book Type.

5)  The activity for the selected Credit Book Type will display all transactions redeemed with Credit Book, and any credit added to the Member within the specified time frame.

      -  Redeemed transactions will be represented with a negative balance.

      -  Credit added to the Member’s account will have a positive value.

 Note: Credit added to the Member’s account will display the amount added and an expiration date.

6) To view a summary of any transaction redeemed by Credit Book, simply double click on the transaction in question.

Details will display.


Credit Book Reports


There are two reporting options for Credit Book available in Interactive Reports. 

Navigate to Interactive Reports and expand Membership.

Credit Book Transactions Report

This report details the Credit Book transactions for a certain time period. It allows the user to specify the Credit Book Types and Detail Level they would like to view.   The report also has the capability to filter results down to a specific member, and drill-down to the transaction level detail.


Outstanding Credit  Book

This report details the outstanding balances of all Credit Book values in the system.  It can be filtered by Credit Book Type, and Detail level.  Furthermore, the report has the ability to include or exclude expired Credit Book.


Best Practices

Establish Credit Book policies, prior to setting up Credit Book in the system.  Define when it will be issued, how long it will be valid from date of issuance, where it can be spent, and who can spend it to ensure administration of the Credit Book within the system is aligned with actual practices.

Once policies are in place, ensure periodic processes to manage expired balanced, and/or reduce balances are also in place and utilized consistently so that your Membership can rely on the Credit Book balances in the system.

When using the Credit Book Expiration Wizard, it will create a ticket that will always be visible on member statements.


Q. Can Guests receive a credit book credit?

A. While it is possible to issue credit to a Guest, it is not recommended as there is currently no way to track (in the system) who redeems the credit.  To issue credit to a Guest, choose Guest as the Member in the Credit Book Wizard, and in the description, include the Guest’s Name for referencing in the POS.  This will, however, require a Club to maintain a ledger of usage.  It is recommended to issue Gift Cards, rather than Credit Book to Guests. 

Q: How can I easily transfer a credit book from one member to another? 

A: As an alternative to using the Credit Book Expiration Wizard, you can sell an item to the specific member for the amount of the Credit Book to transfer (Typically, there will be an Item for ‘Credit Book Sold’ or ‘Tournament Prizes’ that would be used in when creating Combo Items to allocate a portion of an entry fee to the credit book.) Tender that sale to the Credit Book tender button on the Close Ticket screen (which will get rid of the Credit Book balance).

Then, open a new ticket to the Member Number you wish to transfer the credit to, and select that same ‘Credit Book Sold’ item, enter proper dollar amount, then CHANGE QTY to -1- which will then create a credit ticket for that same amount and then tender that credit amount to the Credit Book tender button on the Close Ticket screen (which will add that amount of credit to that member’s credit book balance).

Q: How can I transfer a gift card to a member's credit book?

A: There are two steps to accomplish this:

1. At POS, use the "Credit Book Sold" or "Credit Book Transfer" item, ring up the amount to transfer, settle with the gift card, leaving a remaining balance of $0 on the gift card.
2. Then go to "Member Credit Book" add the amount to the member's credit book.

Downloadable Guide

Credit Book - Guide