Office (2.27.17) Release

Office - Release Notes



Accounts Payable - Manage Vendors

  • Added Multi Edit support for Use Tax Vendor on Manage Vendors grid.

    Use CaseWhen Use Tax Vendor Status needs changed for multiple Vendors, now quickly select all Vendors that need updated, right-click, choose Multi Edit, and select Use Tax Vendor as the Column to edit.


Interactive Reports

Accounting - Income Statement Reports

  • Added Budget Type support to the eight Income Statement reports (Income Statement, Income Statement Consolidated, Income Statement Consolidated By Category, etc.)

    Use Case: Previously, viewing different Budget Types was available only in the Financial Report Writer, or on Standard Financial Reports after System Settings had been adjusted.  Now, easily select the Budget Type to report on directly from the Income Statement Screens.

Data Genie - Multiple Views

Use CaseBy popular demand, the following changes have been made to the data genie views to support better reporting and data mining capabilities.  Remember to click the Reset Layout icon in the event any of the below fields are not appearing.

  • Multiple Views - Added Member Status and Member Status Description (and Billing Member Status and Billing Member Status Description where appropriate) to all appropriate Genie Views.

  •  Multiple Views - Added Player Type field to several Data Genie views.

  • Sales Summary View - Added Net field to Sales Summary data genie view.

  • Sales with Settlement Detail View - Added Meal Period to Sales with Settlement Detail Genie View.


Data Genie - Options 

  • Added Options drop down to Data Genie, adds ability to hide row or column totals and saves those options in the layout. 

Use CasePreviously, users wishing to exclude totals from exports to Excel, had to manually delete total rows/columns after the export prior to further manipulating the data.  Now, easily exclude total rows and columns from view and related exports.


Membership - Scheduled Member Changes 

  • Added Scheduled Member Changes report to interactive reports. 

Use Case: Previously, scheduled Member Status, Member Type, or Player Type changes were visible only within the Member’s profile.  Now, easily view upcoming Member changes from the Scheduled Member Changes Report.



Manage Item Categories 

  • Updated the Item Category edit form to remove unused fields.

Use Case: Fields not used (ie - Rewards eligible) are no longer visible to prevent user confusion.



Manage Item Combos 

  • Added ability to hide an Item Combo in POS.

Use Case: Previously, only Items could be hidden from POS.  Now, also hide an Item Combo.





  • Updated the Member Group edit form so that the member list displays the member number, last name, and first name broken out into multiple columns.

Use Case: Previously, Name field (which combined first and last name), was visible in grid, making searching and sorting difficult. Now, easily search by three distinct fields.



Import Starting Balances 

  • Updated the Import Starting Balances wizard so that it automatically closes when finished.

Use Case: Previously, wizard required manual intervention to complete process.



Manage Members 

  • Added an Age Demographic column to the Member Grid.

Use Case: Previously, unavailable, this field results in improved searching, querying, and data mining capabilities within the Manage Members grid.



Print Member Statements 

  • Added Member Status and Member Type columns to Print Member Statements grid.

Use Case: Previously, unavailable, these fields can be useful when selecting/reviewing Members for which to generate statements.  Right-click, and choose column chooser.  Then, specify fields to display.



CMA - Devices 

  • Updated the POS Devices grid to add Ticket Device field.

Use Case: Previously unavailable for viewing on the grid, this field can be useful when reviewing which Printer is associated with a Device.



POS - Dining 

  • Updated POS Dining Integration to no longer assign the shift of the admin user who is seating the reservation, instead use the server's shift.

Use Case: Previously, when a Dining Manager was assigning reservations to a table and a respective server, the ticket would go into the Dining Manager’s shift.  Now, the ticket goes into the assigned Server’s shift.




System Settings - Partner Products - Reserve Gateway 

  • Updated the Reserve Cloud integration to select the member charge settlement type based on the company of the member.

Use Case: For Club’s with multiple companies, this behind the scenes functionality, ensures the charge settlement type is proper based on the Member’s Company.



System Settings - Website - Clubessential Endpoint Editor 

  • Updated the Online Order printing minute threshold from 60 to 90.

Use Case: Previously, the threshold was limited to 60, and needs arose which required the threshold be set at a higher level.




  • Updated the CMA Terminal edit form to add a label indicating the timeout is in seconds and setting it to zero disables it.

Use Case: In an effort to eliminate user confusion, added clarification as to the unit of measure to be entered into the timeout field.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Guest Rooms charge card on file when the value is negative.

  • Fixed an issue when you send all items on a ticket then add a discount and try sending again.

  • Fixed an issue with the Avg Sale Per Cover field in Sales Summary data genie view not matching the Daily Sales report Avg Sale Per Cover.

  • Fixed an issue with the Financial Report Writer crashing when picking "Current Period - Day " or "Previous Period - Day " when the day chosen exceeded the number of days in the overall month for the sheet.

  • Fixed an issue with the Item Receipt report not displaying negative quantities.

  • Fixed an issue when attempting to print zero dollar item receipts.

  • Fixed an issue with the Income Statement reports not consistently filtering departments and companies properly.

  • Fixed an issue with the multiselect look up control not displaying (All) when all records have been selected.

  • Fixed an issue in the online order system in POS where items on the ticket were not getting flagged as sent during auto-fire.

  • Fixed an issue with the Website member photo sync when a member has a bad photo file reference.

  • Fixed an issue with dynamic member groups not properly calculating members that are "Not In" one or more member groups.

  • Fixed an issue when holding CTRL and clicking objects in the Area Layout form then clicking the layout area itself.

  • Fixed an issue with the Guest Room system with ETS 3.0 when charging a negative folio balance to a card on file for the room.

  • Fixed an issue with the Room Daily Occupancy report giving bad totals.

  • Fixed an issue with Web -> Navigation Menus edit form -> Navigation Menu Item edit form loading very slowly and running the system out of memory.

  • Fixed an issue with early checked in and checked out guest room reservations generating a Check Out notification.

  • Fixed an issue with the batch posting process to allow zero-dollar batches even if there are no records in the Batch Preview report.

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate Item Categories or Item Groups would appear in the Area -> POS Options -> Statement Options (when Show Summary Breakout On Statement is enabled under POS Options).

  • Fixed an issue with the Outstanding Credit Book report not including credit books posted in batches whose transaction date was equal to the "As of Date" when running the report.

  • Fixed an issue with the "Don't Send Any Print Messages" button on Item->Print Configuration screen to properly set print configuration's Message to (None).

  • Fixed an issue with the Timekeeping Export sometimes throwing an error because the Employee Shift Activity report was returning an empty Department Code.

  • Fixed an issue with the Guest Room Reminder Email plugin causing errors in new Office installs because it assumed there was a record in the guest room settings table without checking to be sure there actually was one.

  • Fixed an issue with the Year Visit count always being zero. Also, no longer filters guest members w/out a member type.

  • Fixed various issues with the start and end date calculation process in the Financial Report Writer.

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