Maintaining Accordions



Accordions are collapsible content areas that allow you to condense lots of information in a tab structure. Accordions can have various stylings and will match your site design, however, you will most typically see Accordions as a tabbed structure either vertically or horizontally.

Required Permissions

  • Admin

Accessing the Tool

  1. In order to access Accordion Properties, first navigate to the page where the Accordion is located. You will find the Accordion Properties icon above the Accordion and to the right.

  2. Click on the Accordion Properties to make edits such as: editing, adding, deleting, and moving sections. Editors CANNOT access Properties - only Admins at this time. 

  3. The First tab that will launch is the Accordion Tab, which is where you will make all edits for editing, adding, deleting, and moving sections. The Accordion Properties Tab is for Clubessential Corp Admins, and while this tab is visible, you are unable to make edits at this time. This tab defines design and behavior settings for the Accordion.

Adding a New Tab

  1. To add a new tab within the Accordion Properties screen, click the Add New Tab button. Type a name for the tab into the Tab Name text box. This name should be informative of the type of content that will be placed within the Accordion Section (EX: Wedding Menus, Contact Information).

  2. Next, click Save Tab and then the ‘X’ sign on the Accordion Properties screen to close the window.

  3. The page will refresh and you can now see and edit your new Accordion Section.

Modifying Tabs

  1. To move a tab, open the Accordion Properties icon. Under the Accordion Tabs name list, click on the tab you wish to move. Then, click the Move Up or Move Down button to move the tab to the desired location. The tabs are listed in sequential order as they will appear on the webpage. Click Save Tab and Close out.

  2. To edit a tab, open the Accordion Properties Icon. Under the Accordion Tabs name list, click on the tab you wish to edit. Under the Name Tab, enter in a new name for the tab. Click Save Tab and close out of the window for updates to appear on the web page.

  3. To delete a tab, open the Accordion Properties icon. Under the Accordion Tabs name list, click on the tab you wish to delete then click delete. A pop-up window will appear to confirm you wish to delete. Click OK to confirm changes. Close out of the Accordion Properties screen to see changes on the web page.

Maintaining Accordion Content

  1. To maintain content within an accordion, expand the Accordion Tab on the webpage. A click to edit will appear. Click the click to edit to open the Website Editor. 

  2. You can add plain text, imagery, tables, documents, and hyperlinks within an accordion.

Adding Special Plugins to Accordions

  1. Other plugins may be added to Accordion Tabs, like a Calendar Plugin.

  2. Any plugin that is NOT a standard Click to Edit section is a special plugin and must be added by a Clubessential Team Member. To add special plugins, or to inquire about these options, please contact Clubessential for more information.


Best Practices


  1. Can Editors maintain accordion tabs? A: No, Editors cannot maintain accordion tabs at this time. Only Admins have the ability to update Accordion Properties. Editors can, however, edit content within an Accordion so long as that Editor has permission to edit the page that the Accordion is placed on.

  2. If I delete a tab is it gone forever? A: A tab can be restored with the assistance of Clubessential, however, before you delete a tab it is always best to copy the content to another webpage or offline.

  3. Can we add other plugins to the accordion? A: Alternate plugins may be added, however, those plugins must be added by a Clubessential Team Member. Please contact Clubessential to discuss those options further.