Office (2.13.17) Release

Office - Release Notes




Manage Employees 

  • Updated the new employee process to require the selection of a group, job code and department.

    Use CasePreviously, these fields could be left blank, and as such, employees would be inadvertently omitted from reporting, views, etc.


Groups - Security (POS  Related) 

  • Updated the system to add a security role that disables a user’s ability to enter a negative price for "Ask for Price" items. 

    Use CasePreviously, users had the ability to enter any price for an Ask for Price Item (including negative values), which could allow for an unauthorized discount to be taken.  Now, users must receive permission to enter any value less than zero for an ask for price item.


General Ledger - Budget

  •  Updated the Budget Import system to show a notification dialog box when the import is complete.

Use CasePreviously, when the budget import was run, and completed, there was no notification to alert the user that the process was complete, leaving the user to wonder if it had successfully imported the data.  Now User receives notification confirming completion of the process.

Guest Rooms

System Settings - Guest Room Settings

  • Updated the Guest Room system to allow for significantly more complex email notifications.

Use CasePreviously, email notifications were standard confirmation messages with little room for customization.  With new updates, automate and customize the following (5) types of emails: Confirmation, Reminder, Change, Cancel, and Check Out.

  • Updated the Guest Room notification editors to allow for an image link to be included.

Use Case: Previously, images could not be included in email template.  Now, use imagery to help attract attention to your message and convey meaning when using any one of the new templates.

  • Updated the Guest Room notification editors to allow additional fields to be included for Room Type, Average Nightly Rate and Total Rate.

Use Case: Previously, available snippets for Guest Rooms included only Start Date, End Date, Sponsor Member Number, Sponsor Name, Sponsor Phone, Sponsor Email, Confirmation Number, Room Number, Room Name, and Reservation Status.  Now customize templates with additional pertinent details to add to the Guest’s booking experience


Guest Room Dashboard

  • Updated the Guest Room system to show a Print Preview for the Folio instead of directly printing it to the printer. 

Use Case: Previously, reviewing a Folio could only occur by printing it to a printer and reviewing the hard document.  Now, pull up a folio, review, and then choose whether to print or not.  Additionally, file may be saved as a pdf for easy electronic distribution to Members who may have questions and/or would like a copy in their email.


  • Updated the Guest Room system to show the sponsoring member on the Guest Room search list.

Use Case: Previously, Sponsoring Member could be searched, but results would not display the Sponsoring Member in the Search results screen for easy review.

Items - Manage Item Categories

  • Updated the Item Edit form to add a warning when you change the Item Name that the print configuration might need to be updated as well.

Use Case: Previously, when the name of an Item was edited (for example, when a Daily Special would change from Salmon to Baked Tilapia), if the printer settings were not changed, it was possible that an individual could order Salmon, and their ticket would say, Baked Tilapia.  Now, when an Item name is changed, a reminder message prompts to consider printer settings.


Membership - Approve Payment Batches

  • Update the system to allow users to delete a NACHA cash receipt batch from the Approve Payments Batch grid.

Use Case: Previously, a generated NACHA file could not be deleted.  While individual payments within the batch still cannot be deleted, the entire batch can be deleted, and payment wizard may be re-run in the event of an error.


Other - Multi-Select

  • Updated Multi Select Lookups to have additional sorting and filtering capacity when applicable. 

Use Case: Previously, these grids did not have the ability to sort or filter.  Now, easily find the items you are looking for by utilizing these new features.

System - System Settings

Partner Products - Reserve Gateway

  • Updated the Banquet system to aggregate all Service Charge values on import instead of just the last one.

Use Case: Previously, the import did not distinguish between service charge types, therefore, all amounts came over under the last listed charge type.  Now, amounts are properly aggregated by service charge type, and reflect as such in the Office system.


Services - File Export

  • Updated the File Export JSON exporter to allow a page size for pushing large number of records to a remote API.

Use Case: Used mainly for the CE CRM interface, this behind the scenes upgrade to functionality ensures timely processing of significant levels of data transactions.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where returning items paid for with Credit Book would not refund balances to the original credit book type used for the original purchase.
  • Fixed an issue where the statement month end day is set to the 1st, the member activity grid does not show a dropdown for the current period.

  • Fixed an issue where a member type change would not always sync to the website properly.

  • Fixed an issue with the Guest Room Reservation system that would result in a reservation disappearing if you click Cancel after Save.

  • Fixed an issue where the Settle Folio process didn't ignore invoices that had been deleted.

  • Fixed an issue with the Item Receipt editor that would prompt a user to print labels for a negative item receipt.

  • Fixed an issue where the Item Category print configuration override would print the wrong message for "Name on Order".

  • Fixed an issue with Modifier Items that contain a $ in the display name.

  • Fixed an issue where ReServe events were not linking to the correct member when creating invoices.

  • Fixed an issue with the web roster sync process that would not properly remove a member when their Type changed to one that doesn't sync.

  • Fixed an issue with the Batch Posting process where if another user Cleared Batch Preview while another user’s batch was open, it would post with no GL Transactions.

  • Fixed an issue with the Outstanding Gift Card report would not properly save the selected type.

  • Fixed several issues with the Financial Report Writer custom functions for non-fiscal year end configurations.

  • Fixed an issue with the Balance Sheet Drilldown report including Year End entries in the Previous Year column.

  • Fixed several small alignment issues on 1099-MISC and 1099-INT forms.

  • Fixed an issue with using countdown items and the countdown item is a fractional quantity item with a non-integer value.

  • Fixed an issue with the Event Calendar not properly displaying certain recurring events.

  • Fixed an issue with wait-listed guest room reservations not sorting properly on the guest room dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue with the Inventory Adjustment Wizard repeatedly warning about cost variance exceeding threshold when Finishing the wizard.

  • Fixed an issue where users could click the "Account is Temporarily Locked Out" checkbox on the employee form if the employee is not already locked out.

  • Fixed an issue with the Financial Report Writer using wrong start/end date when calculating a Total Year or Remaining Year when the Year End Month is not December.

  • Fixed an issue with the Void Check Wizard not working when entering a specific check number.


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