Office (3.27.17) Release

Office - Release Notes



Accounts Payable 

Pay Bills

  • Updated the new Pay Bills form to show the Auto Filter Row by default.

    Use Case:  Previously not automatically visible, this improvement will increase your ability to readily insert filters and quickly find the information you need.


Vendor Invoices - 1099 Impact

  • Updated Vendor Invoices to allow for a new Tax Form Box Default (0) and updates the (None) option on tax form override form to return no value for that line.

    Use Case:  Previously, it was possible to override tax lines to indicate that an Invoice Item should be included on a 1099 form, however, was not possible to say, exclude this line from the 1099 calculation.  With this enhancement, it is now possible to override an Item’s inclusion in a Vendor’s 1099 by using the (None) option.


General Ledger 

Import Annual Journal Entries 

  • Updated the system to allow for an Annual Journal Entries import form.

    Use Case:  Previously, Journal Entries could not be imported on an Annual basis.  This enhancement will improve the Implementation process for a Club as 12 months of Journal Entries may now be uploaded with one import.



Interactive Reports

Data Genie

  • Updated the 'Sales with Line Item Detail' Data Genie View to include the Meal Period field.

    Use Case: Previously unavailable, now gain additional insights into your Club’s Dining Operations by including the Meal Period in your results.

Financial Report Writer

  • Updated the Financial Report Writer to add value options for Total Debits and Total Credits.

Use Case: Previously, only Net activity was available in the Financial Report Writer.  Now, have specific Debit and/or Credit values returned to further analyze and improve your reporting capabilities.

Membership - Delinquent Members

  • Updated the Member Delinquent report to have the same column header names as other AR Aging reports.

Use CaseImprove your ability to review Delinquency reports in conjunction with other aging reports by having comparable Headers.


Membership - Member Minimum Activity Report

  • Updated the Member Minimum Activity report to add the ability to filter by member type.

Use Case: Now, further refine your reporting capabilities with this new feature that allows you to return results for your selected Member Type(s).


Membership - Member Voucher Transactions 

  • Updated the Member Voucher Transaction report to allow filtering by quantity remaining. 

Use Case: Improve your Club’s ability to proactively market and re-sell Vouchers to Members with only a specific number of remaining Vouchers.

Vendor - Check Register 

  • Updated the Check Register report to add a Positive Pay parameter that removes all detail drill-down so that exports to Excel are significantly cleaner. 

Use Case: Previously, detailed drill-downs were incorporated into this report, and therefore, Club’s wishing to use the report for their positive pay file had to extensively manipulate the file after export.  Now, receive cleaner exports without the details for Club’s wishing to utilize this report for positive pay.


  • Updated the Check Register report to add the ability to filter by one or more vendors. 

Use Case: Now, further refine your check register reporting capabilities with this new feature that allows you to return results for your selected Vendor(s), rather than all Vendors.



Gift Card Types

  • Updated POS to no longer require entering a PIN when the Gift Card Type is configured to only require a swipe

Use Case: For Clubs who have internal gift card PINS that typically match their gift card numbers, now use only one swipe (instead of two) to program both the PIN and the card number fields by populating this new Gift Card Type setting. 




  • Updated tool-tip on "Include group in web roster" check box in member group edit form to be more clear.

Use Case: Prevent confusion for Users by updating description.



Import Installment Billings 

  • Updated the system to allow for Bulk Import of Installment Billings. 

Use Case: Previously, Billing Schedules had to be manually input.  This enhancement will improve the Implementation process for a Club as these billings may now be uploaded with an import.



Manage Members 

  • Updated the member grid to add Month Wedding Anniversary Date column.

Use Case: Now, quickly view who has a Wedding Anniversary in the current month. 



Email Pay Receipt

  • Updated the POS system to allow the ability to enter an email address when printing a receipt for a guest member.

Use Case: Previously, the Email Receipt feature worked only for Members.  Now, enter an email into a pop-up box for a Guest who desires an Emailed receipt.


Negative Price Approval

  • Updated the 'Allow Negative When Asking For Price' role to allow a negative price to be entered and if the logged in POS employee doesn't have permission to do a negative price it will prompt for a manager override.

Use Case: Previously, the Allow Negative When Asking for Price role did not allow an Employee without the role the ability to enter a negative at all.  Now, they can enter, however, will prompt for approval from someone who has access.



System Settings - Guest Room Settings

  • Updated the Guest Room System Settings to add a setting that can 'Enable Split Folio Option' in POS.

Use CasePreviously, the Split folio feature auto-launched the split feature. Now, enable the split with the following setting if desired, or choose to leave it off (default).


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Guest Room notification emails not using a newly saved template (was requiring the plugin service to have to be restarted because its use of cached guest room settings).

  • Fixed an issue with NACHA files being generated with Mixed instead of Debits Only.

  • Fixed an issue with the Default CheckSubC template using Vendor Name instead of Remit To.

  • Fixed an issue with the new Pay Bills form setting the payment's Street2 to the Vendor address's State instead of the vendor address's Street2.

  • Fixed an issue when leaving just a $ in the price override text box on the item combo form.

  • Fixed an issue with the 'Manage Timekeeping' form in POS not properly showing employees that share employee group departments.

  • Fixed an issue with the data import tool importing email addresses with white space.

  • Fixed an issue where member were allowed to check in at POS or in Kiosk Mode even if their member status is set to Do Not Allow POS Usage.

  • Fixed an issue where you can't select and then unselect a billing schedule for a member inside the member edit form.

  • Fixed an issue with the Financial Report Writer showing extra scroll bars and hiding part of the ribbon when focus moves to the spreadsheet.

  • Fixed an issue with the Member Voucher Transactions report running extremely slowly at some clubs.

  • Fixed an issue when exporting a grid in the Bank Reconciliation Wizard where the date column is including the time portion when it shouldn't.

  • Fixed an issue with the Links sync where Employee Statuses were not resigning/inactivating employees correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with the NACHA detail generation to use an auto incremented trace number instead of the Cash Receipt ID.

  • Fixed an issue with the Reserve Cloud interface not pushing spouse addresses when the address is on billing member and shared.

  • Fixed an issue with the default start time in POS -> System Tools -> Reports -> Sales to use Point of Sale system setting Start Time instead of the Employee system setting Close Time.

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