Office (5.15.17) Release

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Accounts Payable, Employees, Membership, and Guests - Custom Fields

  • Improved rendering of Custom Field controls in the Vendor/Employee/Member/Guest -> Custom Fields node.

    Use Case:  Previously, the custom fields node displays in these various modules were inconsistent, and depending on field length, would wrap causing misalignment of the fields.  This update improves the viewability and consistency with which these fields display.


Manage Price Schedules

  • Added the ability to link a Price Schedule Discount to a POS Reason Code in order to override the discount ledger.

    Use Case:  Previously, the G/L code on a Price Schedule could not be overridden.  Now, link a Price Schedule to a Reason Code, to have G/L account overridden for the price schedule.


Inventory Count Wizard

  • Added click and drag support to the Inventory Count Wizard grid.

    Use Case:  Previously, the grids within the Inventory Count Wizard did not support drag and drop features.  Now, easily rearrange/reorder columns by clicking on the header, and dragging to desired location.



Approve Charge Batches

  • Added a "Has Private Note" column option to the Invoice Detail view on the Approve Batches Grid.

Use Case:  Previously, the “Has Private Note” details were not easily visible when viewing the Approve Charge Batches grid.  Now, easily identify and view batches with Has Private Note.  If Has Private Note column is not visible, remember to right-click on grid, select Customize Columns, and move Has Private Note column into grid for viewing.



Billing Schedules

  • Added support for Deferred Dues Billing to Billing Schedules.

    Use Case:  Previously, Revenue that had to be deferred over a future period (like annual billings) needed manual Journal Entries to allocate the revenue properly.  With this new powerful feature, indicate that the billing is a Deferred Dues Billing, and associate a Liability account with the deferral on the new Deferral tab.  The system will then auto-generate batches for each of the periods needing to have revenue allocated, and the liability relieved properly.  To learn more, click here.

    Pre-Bill Example: For $12,000 Annual Dues billed in December 2017 to be recognized January - December 2018, indicate pre-bill with a start month of January.  Use Billing Item tied to Dues Income.  December Entry would be full amount ($12,000) in Dec 31 2017 to AR/Deferred Dues(Liability Account). Jan - Dec 2018 monthly entries for $1,000 Deferred Dues(Liability Account)/Dues Income.

    Regular Example: For $12,000 Annual Dues billed in January 2018 to be recognized January - December 2018, indicate start month of January, but NOT pre-bill.  Use Billing Item tied to Dues Income.  Jan 2018 entry would be $11,000 Deferred Dues(Liability Account) + $1,000 Dues Income / $12,000 AR.  Feb - Dec 2018 entries would be $1,000 Deferred Dues(Liability Account)/Dues Income.


Credit Book Expiration/Gift Card Expiration Wizards

  • Added support for sorting and filtering on the Credit Book and Gift Card Expiration Wizards.

    Use Case:  Previously, the Credit Book and Gift Card Expiration Wizards grids did not have these features, and therefore did not allow for easy searching/filtering.  Now, easily target the specific records you need utilizing these new sorting and filtering features in the wizards.

POS - Shift 4 - Tab Processing

  • Added support for Charging Tabs in POS with Shift4.

    Use Case: Previously, when utilizing Shift 4 for credit card processing, tab payment functionality was not yet integrated.  With this upgrade, easily process tab payments when utilizing Shift 4 as your processor.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where viewing a custom field value without making any changes would still prompt the user to save.

  • Fixed an issue with the Inventory Transaction History report sometimes not including transactions that occurred on the end date.

  • Fixed an issue with scrolling regions in the Member, Employee, Events and Items forms where the bottom would sometimes get content cut off if the screen resolution is too low.

  • Fixed an error when attempting to load a saved Chart of Accounts report layout.

  • Fixed the Member Charge Wizard warning about exceeding a member's AR balance threshold even if the member's AR balance threshold is set to zero.

  • Fixed an issue when discounting an item multiple times with a required POS Reason Codes that includes an overridden GL account. 

  • Fixed an issue in Retail POS when adding a discount to an item when the area is set to Require Comp/Discount Selection and the POS Reason Code does not have a predefined amount.

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