Office (6.5.17) Release

Office - Release Notes



Accounts Payable - Pay Bills

  • Added ability to filter the Pay Bills form by VCardPaymentType.

    Use Case: Previously, filtering bills to pay based on this payment type was unavailable, and selection had to be manually performed.  Now, easily filter the VCard Payment Type to let the system automatically define the Vendors to pay.


Employees - Timekeeping Export

  • Added support for Ultipro Timekeeping Export format.

    Use Case:  Previously unavailable, now easily export payroll data in the format required by Ultipro (payroll processor Vendor).

Interactive Reports

Installment Billing

  • Added ability to filter the Installment Billing report by item.

    Use Case:  Previously, Items (and Item Combos) were not an available filter for the Installment Billings report. Now, easily review Installment Billings based on selected Item or Item Combo in addition to Member, or type of Installment Billing.

Trial Balance 

  • Improved performance of Trial Balance report by grouping and summing transactions more than two years before the As of Date.

    Use Case: Previously, performance of the Trial Balance was not optimal as large amounts of historical data slowed the report’s ability to run efficiently.  With this enhancement, now quickly obtain data needed from the report, while maintaining necessary transactional details within 2 years of the as of date.


System - Tax Code Items

  • Updated Tax Code Item editor to require a Ledger Account to be selected when saving.

Use Case:  Previously, ledger accounts were not required to be populated when saving a tax code item, oftentimes requiring Clubs to later post reclassification entries when the default account was not desired.  This enhancement ensures the posting occurs to the proper account by requiring input of this field.

  • Updated Tax Code Item editor to prevents duplicate names from being created.

    Use Case:  Previously, when a Tax Code Item name was in the process of being created, there was no understandable warning to indicate it was a duplicate. Now, easily recognize when Tax Code duplication is attempted, and prevent creation of the duplicate record.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when scrolling on the Rental Item -> Custom tab.

  • Fixed an issue with invoices posting to the wrong AR account when clubs have multiple companies with separate member charge invoice payment types.

  • Fixed an issue where CMA would crash when an employee was entering journal entries and the system would try to save the employee's settings.

  • Fixed an issue where the Player Type column was not showing up on POS member grid lookup.

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