Online Ordering (5.15.17) Release

Mobile/OnlineOrdering - Release Notes



Delivery Detail - Viewable

  • Updated the ticket preview to show the information collected in the extra fields (including phone) for home delivery and a club location.

    Use CasePreviously, when Delivery orders were placed, info pertaining to contact info, delivery location, etc, was not easily viewable. Now, quickly view the info contained in Club defined delivery fields in the Admin Dashboard. (Note - this info will be viewable in Office in a future Office release).


Office Integration - Status Updates

  • Updated API to update status of an order when it changes in POS.

    Use Case: Previously, status was not updating regularly to indicate when status had changed in the POS.  Now, easily see order status changes in Office POS and the Online Ordering Admin Dashboard.

    Status in POS when Order is Ready for Pickup.

    Simultaneously, order marked Ready in Online Ordering Admin Dashboard.

    When ticket closed, in Office POS.

    Order simultaneously marked Completed in Online Ordering Admin Dashboard.

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