Office - CSI Global VCard User Guide


Please follow the steps in this document to process a payment with CSI Global VCard in Clubessential Office. These steps are to be followed once vendors have elected to receive payments from CSI, and CSI has added the vendors to their GPS (Global Payment Solution) account. If the vendor is not set up as such, the payment will not reach the vendor.

Use Case 

  •  CSI is a leading FinTech provider of simple, secure corporate payments solutions, providing Office clients the ability to make electronic payments to their Vendors in lieu of a traditional check.




Create a New Ledger Account for CSI Global VCard Clearing

This GL account will be used when sending the Global VCard payment to the vendor.

1) Select General Ledger, Accounts across the top ribbon and create a New account.

2) Set up the the account as follows:

(1) Account Category should be Current Assets.

(2) Assign an Account Number that is in the same range as your current banking accounts.

(3) Type should be Other Bank Account.

(4) Select Balance Sheet as the Department.

3) On the Banking tab begin a new check sequence for Global V Card by specifying the Next Check # to use.

****Note: This step is up to the interpretation of the club.  The check sequence may begin in any order the club deems fit, or continue in the order of their current check sequence.

Mark Vendors for VCard Payment

Once CSI has enrolled eligible vendors to their GPS account, the vendors will also need to be flagged for VCard Payment within Clubessential Office.

1) Select Accounts Payable, Manage Vendors and choose the vendor to be added.

2) Select Vendor Setup on the left pane of the vendor and choose VMC for the VCard Payment option.

Create a Vendor Invoice

1) Navigate to the Accounts Payable user menu and select Enter Vendor Invoices.

2) Add a New batch or choose an existing one and add another invoice. 

(1) Search for the Vendor.

(2) If the Vendor has outstanding Item Receipts you may add those as well by clicking Find Item Receipts.

(3) Enter the Invoice Number.

(4) Ensure Terms of the Invoice are appropriate.

(5) Enter the Invoice Date.

(6) Due Date will populate based on Terms.  Override if necessary.

(7) Enter Invoice Amount.

(8) Enter the Invoice line(s).

(9) Once complete, click Save & Close.

3) Select Finish and Post the batch.

Pay the Vendor

1) Navigate to the Accounts Payable user menu and choose Pay Bills.

2) Then, complete the Pay Bills screen as follows:

(1) Pay From: Choose the CSI Global VCard Clearing account.

(2) To easily find the vendors marked for CSI Global Vcard, check ‘Show CSI Virtual Master Card Vendors Only’.

(3) Click the Pay box next to the vendors you wish to pay.

*NOTE: Do not choose the Electronic Payment box as that is not related to the CSI Global VCard function.

(4) Click Save.

3) Post the batch on the Post Batch Preview screen.

Run Aged Open Vendor Invoices Report

1) Go to Interactive Reports, then choose Vendor, Aged Open Invoices.

2) Within the report, do the following:

(1) Set the date to the last day of the previous month and click View Report.

(2) Click on the Save icon and choose Excel.

(3) Send this report to CSI monthly to help enroll your vendors for VCard Payment.

Best Practices

  • Reconcile your Global VCard Clearing Account on a timely basis to identify any issues that need resolution.


Q. What does VMC stand for?

A. Virtual Master Card - to learn more, click here.


Downloadable Guide

CSI Global VCard - Guide