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Taking advantage of the Employee Contest Feature

Many of our Clubessential users have seen real bottom line benefits from our easy to use employee contests feature. Some take advantage of this feature during the slow season to increase sales of certain items and boost average tickets. Whether your goal is to increase average tickets, improve customer service, or boost morale, an employee contest can help achieve your objectives. Employee contests help convert your staff from a labor cost to a marketing tool by motivating them to up sell. The healthy competition and opportunities for recognition that an employee contest provides help boost morale and increase staff retention. Motivated staff making suggestions to customers about great deals or recommended items improves the customer experience. The few simple steps that I have listed below will help you to create a path to customer satisfaction and staff enthusiasm.

How to set up an Employee Contest:

  1. Go to Point of Sale Module on the User Menu in CMA > Click Contests

  2. Click the New Icon to create a New Contest 

  3. The Contest Setup form will Display, Enter the Name and Description of the contest.

  4. Enter a number in the count field. This is the maximum number of servers to display at a time in POS

  5. Enter a Start and End Date

  6. Select the Items, Item Categories, or Item groups that are involved in the Contest.

  7. Use the blue arrows to move the items to the selected items box on the left.

  8. The Items you selected to be involved in the contest will display in the Selected Items area. 

  9. Select whether you would like to display contest results in terms of dollars, unit count, or both

  10. Save and Close

  11. Contest standings are displayed in real-time at POS