Office (8.7.17) Release

Office - Release Notes


Interactive Reports - Financial Report Writer

  • Added Custom date range options to the Financial Report Writer.

    Use Case:  Previously, only pre-defined monthly/yearly periods were able to be utilized in the Financial Report Writer.  Now, specify custom periods of time to view report data, including net changes week over week, or even day to day.  While in the Financial Report Writer, click the drop-down for Year, and select Custom

    A date picker will then appear in the Period field directly below.  Click on the date picker to specify the start and end date of the custom period to review.  Click OK to view results.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error in POS when attempting to filter the guest list for Ask for Member items with an apostrophe (').

  • Fixed issue in POS when in the Manage Timekeeping -> History form and you try to filter by a specific employee.

  • Fixed bug syncing statements to PayCloud if statement contains ticket linked to an area that is now deleted.

  • Fixed issue when adding a combo to a ticket with a mix of tax inclusive and not tax inclusive items and the expected total and actual total differ by more than the maximum threshold.

  • Fixed error in Kiosk Mode when attempting to charge a check-in to a member account and no Ticket Device is set at the Device level.

  • Fixed bug when settling a ticket in POS to a room folio and an occupant that's been deleted from the room still shows up in POS.

  • Fixed issues when editing a Message in CMA and checking Conditional and then clicking on the Form or Condition combo boxes.

  • Fixed error in new Member Payment wizard when charging a credit card with Manual Entry Only for a Non-Member Cash Receipt.

  • Fixed issue in POS where you remove an occupant from a reservation but POS still asks if you want to split the ticket across each occupant in the settlement screen.

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