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PayCloud is the Clubessential product that enables a club to manage its online payment and statement functionality.  This guide will focus on the Admin portions of the PayCloud system to specifically address the online Payment and Statement features associated with the Autopay functionality.  The guide will focus on setup, viewing Member/Payment data, troubleshooting issues, and will highlight how the PayCloud system interfaces and syncs with the Office back end system to ensure payment and statement data is properly reflected in the Club’s financials.

Use Case

  • Your Club would like to enable autopay (scheduled payments) for your Membership.

  • A member wants to utilize the online bill pay tools but is having trouble setting up their bank account information, recurring payments, or single payments.

  • A Member called with a question about why their payment did not go through, and you need to investigate.


System - Getting Started

When your Club makes the decision to use PayCloud and Autopay, Clubessential will assist in basic setup, including converting the payment token for use.  Many settings, however, are easy to use, and enable you to define/manage the process.

Video Overview

Club Settings - Auto Pay

Enable Auto Pay

Once the token has been converted, to get started with Auto Pay, you must first enable or Turn On Auto Pay, for your club. To do so, click on System, and Club Settings. From here, select the Auto Pay tab across the top. Turn on either or both Auto Pay options (Auto Pay - ACH or Auto Pay - Credit Cards) depending on your Club’s requirements.


Please Note: These features are only available to clubs with CE Payments, Elavon (ETS) or PaySimple. The ability to turn on Auto Payments for other processors is not a possibility at this time. 

Allow Partial Payments

Next, determine whether your Club will allow partial payments or whether your Club will require the full statement balance to be paid.  To allow partial payments, check the Allow Partial Payments box.

Blackout Dates

Then, optionally define blackout dates to prevent auto payments from being scheduled by Members. This feature helps Clubs manage Cash Flow, Club Payments and Processing in a timely and effective manner. Users can Blackout days for One-Time Payments as well as Scheduled Payments.

For example, blocking out the first or last few days of the month may be helpful to ensure a smooth month-end process. Place a check in the box next to the day(s) to black out. Checking Last Days of Month will block out the 28th through the last day of the month.

Please Note: If there are currently Scheduled payments date set, the club will be unable to blackout those dates. The Admin can log into the member's Paycloud Profile and reschedule the Payment. Then they can blackout the date. 

Informational Message

You can optionally display a message/admin email on the Make a Payment page, to better assist members in configuring payments.

Please Note: The Contact Me Regarding Auto Pay does work and will send to whichever email address is listed in the settings above. 

Club Settings - Statements

The Statements tab contains information relevant to statement settings and appearance.

1. Statement Publish DateThis date feeds from CMA. If this needs to be changed, check the date under System, System Settings, Membership in the CMA.

2. Elevate Spouse Privileges - Allows spouse members to view statement details when logging into Paycloud from the website.

3. Elevate Dependent Privileges - Elevates privileges of Dependents to view statements, gift cards, and credit book balance of the linked Billing Member. Dependents, upon logging in, are then able to view the main Billing Member’s statements, gift card balances, and credit book balances.

4. Group Statement Details by Member - Organize the details of the statement by each member in the member family.
Please Note: Cannot be selected at the same time as Group Statement Details by AR account.

5. Group Statement Details by AR Account - Organize the details of the statement by each AR that has transactions.
Please Note: Cannot be selected at the same time as Group Statement Details by Member.

6. Statement Logo The logo appearing on the Statements may be changed here by clicking the Change button.

7. Keep Statements ForDetermines the number of months statements will be viewable online for the Members.  After selected time, the system will purge older records. 

8. Past Due MessageThe message that will display on a member's statement when they have a past due balance.

9. Hide Member MinimumsDisables the Minimum information that shows at the bottom of a member's statement. 

10. Service Charge Column NameThe name of the service fees assessed to on the member payments. 

Multiple AR Accounts

Within Club Settings and Statements, Users can set the Statement view to show Multiple AR Accounts.

Please Note: This feature also needs to be set up in CMA; option to Sync Multi AR Data to PayCloud, as shown below.

Users also have the ability to change the Statement Display Name of each account to avoid confusion. Display Name can be accessed from Club Settings, then AR Accounts.

Club Settings - Website

The Website tab contains the Landing page that can be set for Members when they connect to PayCloud.  Initially this is typically set to display Statements.  Oftentimes, however, Clubs accepting online payments may choose to change this to Make a Payment.

Payment Notifications

 Users have multiple options for changing Payment Notifications for Members and Admins

Member Notifications

Turn on email notifications to your Members by checking the Payment Processed and/or the Payment Error settings.  When Payment Processed setting is enabled, an email will be sent to Member confirming successful payment.  Payment Error setting generates an email to Member when payment was attempted, but not successfully processed. 
Please Note: The error notification is only for CE Payments. 

 Missing Payment Account, if checked, will send a reminder to the Member three days before the scheduled payment date for all those without an associated payment account.

Admin Notifications

Users can edit Admin notifications to send when a Payment has Failed, and update the email to which the notification will go, under Club Settings, then Payment Notifications. If you would like to add multiple email addresses, separate with a comma.

Failed Payment Reasons

When a payment fails for one of the reasons listed below, PayCloud will send a notification to the Member & Club Staff telling them which problems their enrolled accounts ran into so that they can fix the enrollment before submitting another payment. Return Reasons for failed payments can also be viewed by Clubessential Support & Club Staff from the Payment History Report → Edit → Response → Response Text.

Manage your System

Member’s have the ability to set up and interact with their payment information. If they have any issues during setup or while maintaining their accounts, you can guide them through the process or complete it for them.  

Please refer to the PayCloud Member Guide for assistance in helping members set up Bank Account information or Credit Cards for payments as well as scheduling recurring or one time payments.  



 All Club Members can be viewed in the Users - Members section.  (For Office clients, the Member list will auto-populate from the Office system.)  Columns can be sorted, and/or filtered to easily find desired information.  Scheduled Payment columns (Next Scheduled Payment Date, Scheduled Payment Type) and filter (Has Scheduled Payments) can easily help identify Members with upcoming scheduled payments.

Impersonate Member - Troubleshooting Tool

To assist troubleshooting a Member’s account (and view the account from the Member’s view/impersonate them), from the Users - Members menu, click the three dots to the left of a member’s name and choose Login To PayCloud.

Image 38.png

The following message will appear.

Then, the Member’s view will appear.  Troubleshoot as needed.

System Users

The system users section includes club users; any Staff Members who have been granted access to the PayCloud system.  Permissions to PayCloud will not be inferred or applied from any other system (Accounting or Website), and must be added here.

Adding new System Users

Add a new user/staff member to the system by clicking the Add button under the System Users menu.

Image 39.png

Insert all information related to the Staff Member; first and last name, email, username, and create an initial password for them to login. The User Type will need to be defined as Club Employee or Club Administrator. Club Administrator User Types can edit content, manage various system settings while Club Employee User Types have basic viewing level access.

System Users can be removed by clicking on the three dots next to a user and then selecting Delete.

Please Note: Use the Staff Member’s email address when creating a Username. The email address should be unique and therefore will not be be duplicated by another user.

Please Note: Password must be longer than six digits, needs one uppercase character, and one numeric character.


Payment History

 This report contains the payments made by Members using the PayCloud system.  The report can easily be filtered (using the predefined filters) and/or customized (using the date range feature) to quickly display the data desired.  Easily view payments from Today, the Past Week, Past Month.  Also, for Clubs with Autopay enabled, easily view the payments based on status Successful or Unsuccessful.

Additional date range filters can be applied to limit results displayed to the date range specified.

To clear date range or other filters, click on the X next to the applied filters to delete them.

Or, to Search for a specific Member, payment amount, or other data, enter it in the Search box and click the Search icon.  Results containing the data will be returned.

Member Canceled Payments

Canceled payments are added to the report following any of these actions:

  • Clicking the cancel or back button on the page during the payment confirmation.
  • Clicking the back browser button during payment confirmation.
  • Closing the browser during payment confirmation.
  • Refreshing the page during payment confirmation.
  • Leaving the page to timeout during payment confirmation.

  • All these scenarios will now create a payment response record with the status ‘Canceled’ and the response text: ‘Canceled by Member’ to alleviate confusion with the old messaging ‘Unable to find a transaction for this request’

Scheduled Payments

Scheduled Payments displays additional details about the scheduling such as scheduled amount, type, recurring day, scheduled date/time, scheduled by, etc.

Account Change

The Account Change report contains a log of all Member account changes.  This report is especially useful when investigating payment details associated with scheduled payments, and/or other payment issues.  The report details the change that occurred, when it occurred and who made the change.

Note: Filters can be applied, and details can be exported (as shown below).

Private Content

The Private Content section contains a couple of areas relevant to Clubs utilizing the PayCloud online payment and statement features.  While these areas are typically addressed/populated during implementation, it is important to note where/how these items can be modified as needed.


Enter any additional statement data (customized messages) to include in your Club’s online statements.  Header, footer, contact info, and/or past due notices (30, 60, or 90 days past due) must be populated on this tab (they do not flow from Office) to be viewable by Members in the PayCloud system.

Image 43.png


While Terms of Service are not required, they are very useful for Clubs communicating a convenience fee associated with a payment, or other message.  The message on this screen appears on the Make a Payment screen for Members, and can either be required for acknowledgment (Member must agree to terms to proceed), or can be for informational purposes only (leave Require User to Agree unchecked.)

Image 44.png

Member Facing Views

Part of managing the system, implies that you understand what your Members are able to see, and what options are available to them for use.

Monthly Statements

This tab will populate once Statements are run in Office.  When running statements, the last day of the month should be used as the statement publish date, and as a result, the statements will appear on the website and trigger past due notices appropriately.

Transaction Details

Members can easily view Transaction level details by clicking on the Description hyperlink.  Transaction details will then appear.  Transaction details (ticket) can be printed if required as noted below (Print Ticket).

Minimums Spent

Members can easily view their Minimums spent in the Current period at the bottom of the statement.

Make a Payment

Members can easily designate payment method, payment amount, manage their payment methods, and/or schedule a one-time or recurring payment for the future.  More details can be found in the PayCloud Member Facing Guide pertaining to these features.

Credit Book Activity

This tab contains details associated with Credit Books.  If more than one Credit Book type is available, it may be selected from the drop-down.  Additional Date Range filters can be applied to adjust returned results.  Similar to the Statement and Current Activity screens, transaction level details may be accessed (and printed) by clicking on the Description.

Office Posting/Batches

PayCloud batches automatically flow into Office for easy posting.  Two cash receipt types work with Paycloud Payments; Paycloud CC, and Paycloud ACH.  Clubessential will ensure these two cash receipt types are set up and configured to apply to the same debit account settings as the other cash receipt types for your club during the implementation process.

When ready to Post, go to 1. Membership, 2. Approve Payment Batches, 3. select the batches, and 4. post.

The club can also double click on a batch in the grid to view the details. 5. to post from this tab.

Please Note: In the event a payment is rejected by the Processor (which can take up to (3) days), it is important to use the Merchant Reporting available from the Processor to identify the adjustment that must be manually input into the Office batch(es) for rejections.  These do NOT automatically flow through to the Office system. However, if using CE payments it will. More information about the failure of a payment made through CE Payments can be found here

Deleting a Batch/Transaction

To delete a rejected transaction, while in Approve Payment Batches, expand the batch with the rejection, highlight and right-click on the row/transaction (rejection) to delete, and select Delete.


Troubleshooting Member Access Issues

When a member does not show up in Paycloud or when they try to sign on from the website they receive the error "This user is Restricted" The club has a few places to check in order to fix. 

New Member not populating in PayCloud

Many times a club will build a new member type along with a new member. Whenever this happens the user will need to go into the PayCloud Endpoint Editor and add that new member type to sync over from Office into PayCloud. 

Access the Editor

  1. Go to System along the top menu bar.
  2. Click on System Settings within the drop down list.

  3. Expand the Website Drop Down.
  4. Select Online Payment Portal.
  5. Double Click the Website URL.

Adding New Member Types to the Sync

  1. In the Clubessential Cloud Endpoint Editor window, click on the Member Type Tab.
  2. Review the list of Member Types and check any that should sync to PayCloud.
  3. Click the Green Check Mark to accept the changes.

4. Save the System Settings using the Save or Save and Close buttons.

Syncing Member Information

Once the User has saved the new Member Types in System Settings, the Members can now be manually pushed from Office to PayCloud using the Sync tab within the Endpoint Editor. The Sync tab is also useful for syncing changes made to various portions of the Member's A/R. Anytime a member informs the club of incorrect information on their statement it is a good Idea to come here and manually push the member changes. 

  1. Navigate back to the Clubessential Cloud Endpoint Editor and click on the Sync Tab.
  2. Use the Magnifying glass to open the Member Lookup Window.
  3. Use the Search field to find the member.
  4. Double Click the member in the Grid.
  5. From the drop down, select which item to sync (Statements, Credit Books, Gift Cards, and Vouchers).
  6. Click Sync.

  7. A confirmation window will appear, "The sync has completed successfully. Check the Log for details." Click OK to close and return to the editor.

Member Cannot Access PayCloud as They Are "Restricted"

There are three places in CMA that can cause a Restricted status in PayCloud. They are the Web Settings in the member's profile, the Rules tab under their Member type settings, and the Rules tab under their Member Status Definition settings. 

Web Settings in Member's Profile

  1. Go to the Manage Member's Grid and edit the member in question.
  2. Expand Membership on the left hand side and click Web Settings.
  3. Review the Restrict Web Login checkbox to confirm this is unchecked.
  4. Click Save and Close.

Member Type Rules

  1. Navigate the Membership drop down from the top menu bar and click Types.
  2. Open the Member Type connected to the Member in question.
  3. Click on the Rules Tab.
  4. Review the Restrict Web Login checkbox to confirm this is unchecked.
  5. Click Save.

Member Status Definition Rules

  1. Navigate to the Membership drop down from the top menu bar and click Status Definitions.
  2. Open the Status connected to the Member in question.
  3. Click on the Rules tab and review the Restrict Web Login checkbox to confirm this is unchecked.
  4. Click Save.

Once these three area have been reviewed, go back to the Clubessential Cloud Endpoint Editor and manually sync the Member using the steps outlined above under Syncing Member Information.

Best Practices

  1. When adding a new System User and creating the password, the password must be longer than six digits, needs one uppercase character, and one numerical character.

  2. When adding a new System User, use the Staff Member’s email address when creating a Username. Typically, the email address is unique and will not be be duplicated by another user.

  3. To obtain current information on ACH, or Credit Cards, you have the option to contact your payment processor and they export the information to a CSV file for an easy upload. This process tends to vary so if you have any questions please contact Clubessential for clarification.

  4. Reconcile Processor data to Clubessential/Paycloud data timely, ensuring any rejections are manually adjusted in the Office batches.


Q: What if our Club does not want to allow Members to schedule a payment on a certain day or days of the month (ie - month end)?

A: Use the blackout feature to prevent Members from making/scheduling payments on a certain day.  Click here for more info.

Q: How do I change the landing page my Members see when they first log-in to Paycloud?

A: Go to System, Club Settings, Website Tab.  Click here for more info.

Q: How do I batch my PayCloud payments and post them?

A: PayCloud automatically batches and sends payment batches to the Clubessential Office system.  To post, go to Membership, Approve Payment Batches, select batch to post, and click post.  For more info, click here.