Office (09.25.17) Release

Office - Release Notes


Employees - Timekeeping Export

  • Updated the Timekeeping Export for ADP to add gratuity balances to the service charge value in the export file.

    Use Case:   Previously, only Service Charges were included in the ADP timekeeping export.  Now, gratuity amounts have also been added.


Clubessential Integrations

Paycloud Sync

  • Updated the Statement Sync process to deactivate members in PayCloud when their type is deselected.

Use Case: Previously, when a member status type was selected to be synced with Paycloud, and later the status type was removed or the Member was moved to a different status type (Active to Inactive), the members remained active in Paycloud.  Now, when member status type changes, Paycloud updates to reflect changes.  Therefore, members with a deactivated status type, no longer have access to Paycloud.  

CRM Sync

  • Updated the CRM Integration process to include Member Shared Key in the results for better data reconciliation in CRM reports. 

Use Case: Previously, the Member Shared Key was not included in the sync between Office and CRM.  With this addition, data integrity and reporting between the systems is enhanced.  Additionally, future release of the Membership Analytics Predictor (MAP) will be positively impacted by this enhancement.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Roster Export report truncating results with large lists of selected member types.

  • Fixed an issue with Tax Exempt lookup for members improperly flagging a member as exempt if they were in a deleted group that was exempt.

  • Fixed an issue with Office Cloud where tickets imported into Office are batched in the next day's batch.

  • Fixed an issue where a member's statement would duplicate lines when an invoice was tied to a tax code that had multiple tax code items with a tax code type 0.

  • Fixed an issue with File Exports if a recurrence pattern is set to 'Never End'. It really used to mean 'After 1000 occurrences'. Changed that limit to 10,000 instead.

  • Fixed an issue with the Statement sync process pulling all member profiles before filtering out member types. Dramatically improves performance of statement sync for clients with large amount of members that are not configured to sync.

  • Fixed an issue with Credit Book not covering additional gratuity properly and improperly including credits issued against balances.

  • Fixed an issue with the Guest Rooms occupancy report to respect fiscal year end system setting when calculating YTD values.

  • Fixed an issue with a coupon based price schedule throwing a LINQ error in POS when used.

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