Page Security

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This guide will demonstrate the steps available on the Page Security window such as adjusting the security levels or even hiding a page.

Required Permissions

  • Admin

Accessing the Tool

  1. Navigate to the page that needs updates, and hover over Admin toolbar at the top left corner.

  2. Under the Configuration list, click Page Security.

Page Security 

  1. View Change Log: Shows any security changes made to this page made by both club Administrators and Clubessential Support.

  2. Menu Visibility: Controls the page visibility from within the website’s navigation using Admin Levels and Groups.

    1. Everyone

    2. Admins, Editors & Group Users

    3. Only Admins & Editors

    4. Only Admins & Group Users

  3. Page Visibility: Who can view this page on the website from a direct hyperlink using Admin Levels.

    1. All Users

    2. Only Admins & Editors

    3. Only Admins

  4. Edit Rights: Who can edit the page on the website using Admin Levels and Groups.

    1. All Admins & Editors

    2. Admins & Group Users

    3. Only Admins

Best Practices

  1. While making updates and changes to pages, it’s best to keep hidden from members until all updates are complete.

  2. Experiment (and hide) seasonal pages so that the website navigation is not bogged down with currently unused pages.


  1. Why does my menu title have an asterisk next to it?

    1. The asterisk represents a page that is not visible to members.