Office (4.09.18) Release

Office - Release Notes


Accounts Payable

Manage Purchase Orders - Printing

      • Added the Account Number when printing a Purchase Order from the Manage Purchase Orders grid

        Use Case: Previously, when printing a Purchase Order, Users did not have the ability to view Account Numbers. Now, Account numbers show on the Manage Purchase Order Grid, in addition to the Account Name.

Pay Bill - Filters

      • As a Club Admin, I would like an additional filter on the Pay Bills screen to allow the ability to hide invoices/credits for vendors with credit balances.

        Use Case: Previously, the User view on the Pay Bills screen would show all vendors regardless of payment or credit status. Now, Users can filter out vendors with credit balances.

When Hide vendors with net credit balances option is left unchecked, all vendors, even those with net credit balances, will appear for selection.

When Hide vendors with net credit balances option is checked, Vendors with net negative (credit) balances will not appear for payment selection.

Grids - Custom Fields

      • As a Club Admin, I would like the ability to customize which custom fields show on their corresponding grid.

        Use Case: Previously, the system could only show up to 30 custom fields on a grid, even though more than 30 custom fields may exist for a given module (Membership, for instance). Now, Club Admins can designate which custom fields are visible by checking the Show on Grid field for any available custom fields.

Guest Rooms

System - System Settings - Guest Room - Notifications

      • As a Club Admin, I would like the ability to customize the Subject of the five standard guest room notification emails.

        Use Case: Previously, the Guest Room Notification email subject lines were hard coded with a set of specific subjects. Now, the subject line of all five emails can be customized. Users can add additional personalization with   snippet(s) (escape code(s)), previously only available in the body of the email.

Rooms - Undelete functionality

      • As a Club Admin, I would like the ability to undelete a Guest Room.

        Use Case: Previously, Users were not able to undelete a Guest Room after deleting it. Now, Users have the capability to undo this deletion.  After deleting a room, click the Active Records filter to ensure All Records display.  Right-click on the record to undelete, and then select Undelete to reinstate a previously deleted room to an Active state.





Membership - Member Charge Wizard - Combo Billing

      • As a Club Admin, I would like to be able to use combos in the Member Charge Wizard.

        Use Case: Previously, Club Admins could only bill individual items rather than combos. Now, Club Admins can summarize billing into one line by selecting Combos in the Member Charge Wizard.

      • For example:

        • The Club charges $100 for Golf Tournament Entry. Previously the Member Statement may have shown 4 line items:

          • $40 - Green Fee

          • $15 - Cart Fee

          • $25 - Tournament Shirt

          • $20 - Food/Drink Voucher

  • Now, show one line using the Combo billing option.

    • $100 - Tournament Entry Fee

Please Note: This feature will only work in Member Charge Wizard, and will not work if ringing up at POS.

Reporting - Income Statement Reports

    • As a Club Admin, I would like the Income Statement Rolling and Income Statement Rolling Consolidated Rolling reports to honor the Show Below P&L line settings on the Ledger Account.

      Use Case: Previously, the Rolling reports did not properly reflect the general ledger account setting “show below P&L Line on Income Statement” like the other Income Statement reports, and now do.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where an inventoried item could be sold at POS by using change quantity even though the changed quantity exceeds the items on hand.

  • Fixed issue with Credit Book grid showing unposted credit book.

  • Fixed issue with New Guest Room Reservation, Member Lookup grid not saving custom changes.

  • Fixed issue when importing a master-detail vendor invoice, it was truncating the last character on detail rows.

  • Fixed issue on the Installment Billing report where Avg Bill column was not rounding to 2 decimal places.

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