ClubTec - OMS Export

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Here are instructions to export ClubTec statement data. Make sure to get a GTA started on a machine that has the ClubTec interface. Also, make sure the club user who is assisting you is a ClubTec admin before logging-in to ClubTec. If the club user does not see some of the below ClubTec paths, then they are not a ClubTec admin. 

Required Permissions

How to Export Member Statement Data

  1. Open & login to the ClubTec Manager software.

  2. Click on the applications link to open up the applications menu. Within that menu, click on Global Settings.

  3. From the Global Settings menu, click the "interfaces" link.

  4. This will open another menu - specific to interfaces - and you will want to click the Statement Interface icon.

  5. Once you have opened the Statement Interface window, you will need to check for the following settings.

    1. Ensure that you have checked Include Chit Detail Box

    2. Check the export path and make sure it is pointed to your ce_oms folder. Also, in this same section, make sure you have set the "Delimiter" dropdown option to "Comma (,)". Please do not confuse this will "Comma with Quotes (",").

      • NOTE:  When running first installation and you have to run more than two exports, you have to run/sync them 2 at a time.  Ex: Oct 15 - Nov 15, run export, run sync client, then repeat until 12 exports have been run to the current month.  

    3. Check the box next to the file names to use the default names.

    4. Go over with the client what member types they would like to have in the export.

      • NOTE: The items that are checked in this box will be EXCLUDED from the export.  You must un-check any boxes you want to include.

    5. During the installation, you may have to change these settings. If this is the case, you must hit apply to save the changes. If you are instructing the client after the installation, these settings should already be in place.

    6. Once you have ensured that the settings in the statement interface are correct, click the Lightning Bolt icon on the Toolbar

    7. This will begin the exporting process. You will see the progress bars begin to move. Processing may take up to several minutes to a couple of hours depending on the size of the export. Once complete hit OK

  6. You may now exit ClubTec Manager and use normal sync methods with SyncClient.exe

Best Practices