Office (4.23.18) Release

Office - Release Notes


Accounts Payable - Quick Check Form - Check Number Entry

    • As a Club Admin, I would like the ability to type in a check number in the Quick Check Form.

      Use Case: Previously, the Quick Check form would not allow the User to type a check number. Now, the Quick Check form allows for Users to enter check numbers. Users now have the ability to save checks and not print them right away.

Grids - Custom Field Display

    • As a Club Admin,  I would like to be able to have the option to show Yes/No Custom Fields on Grid.
      Use Case: Previously, other Custom Field types had the option to Show on Grid, such as Text or Single Choice. Now, Yes/No Custom Fields also have the option to Show on Grid.

Interactive Reports - Financial Report Writer - RE

    • As a Club Admin, I would like the Financial Report Writer to correctly show our Retained Earnings Account for the same month that our year ends, by calculating ending balance, net change, total debits, and total credits for Asset/Liability/Equity accounts.

      Use Case: Previously, the Financial Report Writer would show a different ending balance than from GL Transaction Grid or other reports. Financial Report Writer would include the Ending Balance for multiple years and not the current year. Now, Financial Report Writer excludes year end entries for the current year, ensuring correct totals.


Membership - Member Charges - Bill Dependent Members

    • As a Club Admin, I would like the ability to bill Dependent Members within the Member Charge Wizard.

      Use Case: Previously, only Billing Members would show by default to be billed. Now, the Member Charge Wizard allows the ability to check a setting that will allow Dependent members to show in addition to Billing members.

Please Note: This setting is not checked by default.

POS - Manage Ticket Templates

    • As a Club Admin, I would like the ability to use a date control for Start and End of shift times to display Military or regular time on the End of Shift report.

      Use Case: Previously, the ticket template start and end times would default to Military time as the only time to be used on the End of Shift Report. Now, the User can select military time OR regular time within the End of Shift report Ticket Template.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed display overlap issue in the Guest Room Dashboard when reserving a Guest Room for a long duration.

  • Fixed issue importing payments from Paycloud with special characters in the member number.

  • Fixed the ordering of accounts in the Income Statement Consolidated by Category Drilldown report.

  • Fixed issue with Member Type Count Audit report not showing reason code when changing a member's type.

  • Fixed issue where tickets with price schedule discounts tied to reason codes wouldn’t show up when running the Deletes/Voids/Discounts/Comps report.

  • Fixed issue when added a new Member with Groups in Office, the member would show up with no groups on the website.

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