Website (5.7.18) Release

 Website - Release Notes


Mobile App

  • As a Mobile App User, I would like the search bar and member profile to be properly displayed on iPhone X. 

    Use Case: Previously, the Search Bar and Member Profile were hidden behind the directory header on iPhone X. Now, these Users can fully see both the Search Bar and the Member Profile.

  • As an iPhone X Mobile User, I would like to see the calendar month name when viewing months.

    Use Case: Previously, the month name was being hidden behind the display header. Now, the Calendar month name can be see properly on iPhone X.


  • As a Club Member, I would like to easily navigate safety features to prove that I am Human, using Google reCaptcha.

    Use Case: Previously, our Websites were using an older version of Captcha which did not reliably prevent bots from submitting forms. Now, we have replaced the old Captcha with Google’s more reliable reCaptcha product.

Bug Fixes/Minor Modifications

  • Fixed an issue with Reservations TBD Cancellation Timing where the Auto Cancel global setting was not saving properly.

  • Fixed an issue with Reservations Auto TBD not switching to ‘Needs Player’ after the auto-cancel date or time has been met.

  • Fixed an issue with CRM performance, dealing with Parent/Child - Child/Parent Relationship population, and overall site slowness.

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