Website (5.29.18) Release

 Website - Release Notes



    • As a Club Admin, I would like the ability to use the ##TOTALHEADCOUNT## snippet for court reservations and have it return an accurate count of all player types on the court sheet. 

Use Case: Previously, the snippet would not include any TBDs and would not reflect changes made to reservations. Now, added functionality allows the snippet to include TBDs in the total headcount and dynamically adjust when a reservation has been adjusted or cancelled.

    •  As a Club Admin, I would like the ability for the Dining Reservations  system to display ‘Wait List’ or ‘Sold Out’ when a timeslot meets certain criteria on the Admin Dashboard.

      Use Case: Previously, the system was not displaying Wait Listed or Sold Out time slots due to a recent product update. Now, it has been adjusted to account for Wait List or Sold Out time slots.


    • As a Club Admin, I would like the ability to exclude member reservations from the Calendar plugin.

Use Case: Previously, Member reservations were included on the Member’s view of the Calendar plugin, resulting in duplicate events. Now, a checkbox has been added to the Calendar Plugin Properties to allow Users to Hide Member Reservations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Tee Times Events on the App/MOSV where the Event Booking window was auto-populating with the incorrect time.

  • Fixed an issue with the CRM View Filters not correctly applying the Parent/Child Relationship.

  • Fixed an issue with Clubs with Crossover logic that were unable to book a Tee Time, showing in Read-Only mode.

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