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Articles - Printing

    • As a Club Admin, I would like to be able to print Articles from the Article Listing page.

      Use Case: Previously, printing articles from this page was not possible.  Now, users may click the Download button, download the article, and print. 

Snippets - Event Sync Calendar

    • As a Club Admin, I would like to be able to utilize a new Snippet that will allow my Members to Sync Calendar Events to their own calendar.

      Use Case: Previously, Users did not have the option to use a Snippet to allow Members to sync an event to their calendar. Now, the new ##EVENTSYNCCALENDAR## Snippet will show when editing the Registration Received Notifications, allowing Members, upon receiving a confirmation email, to Sync Events to their calendar in Outlook or iCal format.

Bug Fixes

  • Table Top Management - Fixed an issue within Dining Reservations Table Top Management function to properly recognize only available table sizes in the booking window. Previously, party sizes larger than the available table sizes were still displaying as options in the booking window in certain instances.

  • Fixed an issue when editing/updating existing reservations to properly account for Adults/Children in the updated party size.

  • Fixed an issue with Reservations Events on MOSV and App booking window where it was populating incorrect times.

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate Admin notifications being sent for Special Events.

  • Fixed/updated verbiage on Contact Us Page.

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