Office (6.11.18) Release

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Accounts Payable - Print Vendor Check(s) - Report Designer

    • Added functionality to show a Vendor’s default expense account when printing a Vendor Check.

Use Case: Previously, a Vendor check was not able to contain the Vendor’s default expense account on the physical check.  Now, PurchaseAccount field can be added to the Check Report design using the Report Designer utility, and will now show on the actual printed check.

General Ledger - Year End Wizard

    • Added support to the Year End Wizard and all Income Statement and Balance Sheet reports for Multi-Company clubs with multiple fiscal year ends.

Use Case: Previously, the back Office software did not provide additional support for companies with different fiscal year ends. Now, additional support has been added within the Year End Wizard, as well as the Income Statements and Balance Sheets, to account for Multi-Company Clubs that operate with different fiscal year ends.

Once Company is selected, proper year end will populate in the system generated journal entries.

For Reporting, system will auto-recognize proper year end, and calculate YTD totals accordingly.  Will also notify user when companies with different year ends are selected, and will show message indicating you can only run these reports for companies with the same year end.


Guest Rooms - List Report - Reservation Creator

    • Added functionality when viewing the Room Guest List report, that if the creator of the reservation has no Employee Number or ID, the List Report will show their name instead.

Use Case: Previously, when viewing the Room Guest List Report, the report would not show any information on the creator if the reservation did not have an Employee Number associated with it. Now, the Guest List report will show the name of the User who created the reservation.


Membership - Reports - Delinquent Members Report

    • Added additional functionality to the Delinquent Members report to include Status (shows the member’s status) and include All Balances.

Use Case: Previously, the Delinquent Members Report did not have the ability to show Member Status and to Include All Balances. Now, these options have been added to the Report to improve the meaningfulness of the data.  

New Member Wizard

    • Added functionality to Improve the messaging and overall experience in the New Member Wizard when attempting to create a member with a duplicate member number.

Use Case: Previously, when a User created a new member, the system would suggest a new member number, but would error if Club’s were not maintaining their member number sequence, and would prevent the new Member from being set up. Now, the User can save the new Member and complete the wizard (it will default to a dummy Member number), then go back and change the member number after its creation.

POS - Classic POS

Member Check-In

    • When checking-in a Member in Classic POS, I would like it to show the Member’s group(s) below their portrait and Name.

Use Case: Previously, when checking in a Member, their name would populate. Now, when the POS Grids, Member Info, Member Groups box is checked, in the Area settings, the Member Groups will also display at check-in in addition to just the order entry screen.


Family Check-In

    • When a family is checking in, I would like the ability to check-in an entire member’s family (and any guests) all at once.

Use Case: Previously, each Member and Guest had to be checked in individually.  Now, when Allow Family Check In setting is enabled in the Area settings, all Members and guests can be checked in at once.

Member Info

    • When starting a ticket in classic POS for an underage member, I would like the POS to display a warning that they are a minor.

Use Case: Previously, dependents or underage members were not labeled as a minor in the classic POS Member Info section. Now, when starting a ticket for any member, by clicking on Member Info, the system will recognize birth dates stored in the system and warn the User if the Member is a minor.


Please Note: Birthdates must be up to date in your back Office system for this feature to properly notify the User of a minor member.

Employee Clock Out

    • Added an area-level setting called Allow Clock Out With Open Tickets, when set, will allow an Employee to clock out (but not end their shift) if they have still have open tickets.

Use Case: Previously, the Office system would not let Employees clock out when they had open tickets associated with their name. Now, employees can clock out while still having open tickets, but not end their shift when the Allow Clock Out with Open Tickets setting is checked in the Area menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Print Check wizard not allowing check numbers over 999999.

  • Fixed the Manual Folio Charge wizard not allowing you to select a Folio.

  • Fixed the error that displays when attempting to view a ticket through member history in POS when the employee that created the ticket has since been deleted.

  • Fixed the error in the Member Charge Wizard when attempting to clear an item’s Quantity.

  • Fixed an issue in the Member Payment wizard where it was using the statement date instead of the current date for the check’s date.

  • Fixed Income Statement/Balance Sheet reports to display the name of the company you are running them for if you are a multi-company club and you run the report for just one of those companies.

  • Fixed an issue where employees would immediately get logged out of CMA after logging in because the clock on their computer was out-of-sync with the server’s clock.

  • Fixed the Employee Hours Audit Report to only display noteworthy changes to an employee’s timesheet and not every single normal clock in/clock out.

  • Improved the performance when viewing a member’s statement by refactoring the logic for calculating their credit book balance.

  • Fixed Mobile POS tickets not printing child items/modifiers when PrintChildItemsInRed is turned on.

  • Fixed the Quick Check editor so when it prints the check, it uses the Check Date instead of the Invoice Date.

  • Fixed an issue when selling multiple voucher packs, on a ticket with Group Like Items turned on at the Area, members were only being credited with one voucher pack.

  • Fixed an issue when voiding a check and the journal batch would not show up in the vendor's AP Activity grid.

  • Fixed an issue where the Member Payment wizard was using the wrong dates when calculating balances and creating the payments.

  • Fixed an issue where members were not allowed to redeem vouchers for event reservations made in Axis.

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