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Campaigns - Auto-Save

  • As a CRM User, I would like the CRM system to auto-save my progress while creating a Campaign. 

Use Case: Previously, when users forgot to manually save their progress when creating a CRM Campaign and then navigated away from the screen, the work would be lost. Now, each Next Step button in the CRM Campaign creation process has been configured to auto-save a retrievable draft of the progress.


Tee Times - Statistics - Course Utilization Report

  • As a Club Admin, I would like increased functionality when filtering our Course Utilization Report.

Use Case: Previously, the Course Utilization Report only included filters for Course and Date Range. Now, easily find out more information about the course utilization by using the additional filters on days of the week, time frames to report on, and ability to include or exclude Golf Events.

Bug Fixes

Please Note: Bug Fixes will take effect after the current App has been updated by the User via App Store or Google Play. 

  • Fixed an issue with Tee Times on Mobile App where Book Now text was incorrectly clickable when times were unavailable.

  • Fixed an issue with Dining Events on the Android Mobile App where the Booking Window was opening to the current day instead of the Dining Event.

  • Fixed an issue on the Mobile App where Linked Events in the Calendar were only showing the first of the Linked Events.

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