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Clients utilizing a Clubessential hosted platform can access their Office application by establishing a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection from their local workstation to the Clubessential Hosted server.  Once the remote connection is established, the Office application is available for sign-in and use.

Use Case

A Club decided it was more cost-effective and efficient to move to a Clubessential Hosted solution, rather than continue to support the server and backups locally at the Club.  To access the hosted solution, the Club now uses a Remote Desktop Connection to access their Office application.



To access the Remote Desktop Tool, click on the Start Menu, and in the search bar, type mstsc.exe and press Enter on the keyboard.  

A screen similar to this will appear.

RDP Setup 

Click the Show Options button at the bottom left of the window.

The window will expand and show a series of tabs.

Display Tab

Click the Display tab and move the bar to the far right until it shows Full screen.



Local Resources Tab

Next, click the Local Resources tab.  Under the Remote audio heading, click the Settings button.  A new window will appear.  

Select the Do not play and Do not record options, and click the OK to close additional window.  

Then, under the Keyboard heading, select On this computer from the drop-down menu.



Still on the Local Resources tab, click the Clipboard option under the Local devices and resources section.  

Then, click the More button to launch a new window.  

Check the appropriate box for the drives needed (Note that this is for computers that will use CMA/Office only).  

If unsure what drives to select, contact your local IT department.


Experience Tab

Next, click on the Experience tab.  The Font smoothing and Persistent bitmap caching options must be selected.  (Note: It is ok to leave other options enabled if they were already selected.)



General Tab 

Finally, click on the General tab.  Enter the IP address that was provided by Clubessential in the Computer field.  (Ex.  10.20.x.xx)  If the IP address was not received, please reach out to your Implementation Specialist.  For the User Name field, enter the user name provided by Clubessential.  (Ex. jsmith or Proshop1).  Then, click the Allow me to save credentials box.  Click Save As and save file to your desktop.  Give the file an easily recognizable Name.  (Ex. Clubessential) 


First Log-In 

Now, close out of the window and double-click on the new Remote Desktop icon.

A new window will appear and will ask you to enter your password.  Enter the password provided by Clubessential.  

(The password can be changed after accessing the system by clicking Start, Window Security).  

To save password, click in the Remember me box.  Click OK to continue.


Connections will load as access has been granted to the remote server.  Launch the Clubessential Office and/or Point of Sale system, and begin working.


Subsequent Log-Ins

Click the Desktop icon.


Enter password (if Password was not previously saved).


Launch the Clubessential Office and/or Point of Sale system, and begin working.

Best Practices

Change Password periodically and/or Protect Password to enhance security of data.



Q.  What is my remote Computer's Name/IP Address?

A.  Check with your Implementation Specialist to confirm.

Downloadable Guide

RDP Setup - Hosted Server - Guide