Office - Guest Rooms - Settling Folio Card/Reciprocal Account

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  • A Folio is the billing record for an individual currently staying in one of the guest rooms. This guide will discuss how to settle a Folio to a card already on file and to a reciprocal account.

Required Permissions

  • Guest Rooms

  • POS Settle Ticket

Accessing the Tool

  1. To access the Folio, you must first view the reservation; accessible through the CMA then Guest Rooms.

  2. If you have captured a credit card for the room reservation, you will see the credit card on file under the credit card tab, as shown below, when the reservation is selected.

Settle Folio

  1. To settle a folio to the credit card on file, selectSettle Folio’.

  2. The Folio Settlement screen will launch which will show the balance that’s to be settled. Next, selectCash/Credit Member Charge Other in order to launch the POS.

  3. Select Close Ticket to bring up other settlement options.

  4. From the settlement screen, select Credit Card.

  5. If a credit card is on file, the system will ask to charge to the credit card on file. Select OK to use this credit card on file.

    • Please Note: depending on your payment processor (ETS, Shift 4, or Open Edge) you may need to select ‘Print and Done’ after you select the credit card settlement to trigger this window.

  6. If you wish to use another credit card to settle this transaction, select Cancel which will allow you to swipe or manually enter another credit card.

    • Please Note: only one credit card may be attached to one room. You cannot attach a credit card to only the occupant. So if the occupant needs to settle his/her folio to a different credit card, that is when you would NOT use the credit card on file, and enter the information with the swipe or manual entry.

  7. You will now be able to view the settled folio for the member.

Reservation Status

  1. You may use the  Reservation Status for guest rooms in emails to notify guests of the current guest room status: reserved, waitlist, canceled.

  2. To add the Reservation Status, use the following snippet in the subject line or body of the email: {%ReservationStatus%}.

Settle to Reciprocal Account

  1. To settle a folio to a reciprocal account, select Settle Folio, as seen below. 

  2. Then, instead of using the Quick Settle, select Cash/Credit/Member Charge Other to launch a POS screen.

  3. Enter the Member's Reciprocal Account information on the POS page. 

  4. The ticket will then be using the Reciprocal Account Information provided. 

  5. Once the Member's reciprocal account information has been saved to the Folio the information will populate. Now, to settle to the Member's Main Reciprocal Account, select Quick Charge.

Best Practices