Full Suite - Dining Reservations (Classic) POS Integration


The Unified Platform allows Clubs to manage their Dining Reservations seamlessly across the Reservations System into the Office Food and Beverage POS System; ensuring Administration, Members, and the Dining Staff have the tools they need to reserve and manage the Club’s Dining experience. 

Required Permissions

  • Website Admin

  • POS Access

Accessing the Tool

  1. Login to the Food & Beverage POS Terminal associated with the Dining area. 

  2. Navigate to the Dining tab.

  3. All Dining reservations for today (default date) will appear on this tab. 

  4. Click the Club Display drop down to select the appropriate.
    Please note: More than 1 option will only appear if there is more than 1 company in the system setup.

  5. Click the All Resources drop down to select which Dining Room to view. 

  6. Click the Show Admin Dashboard button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to make/edit reservations directly from the POS. Once clicked, the Admin WebView functionality launches.

Reservation Color Scheme

Click on the “Colors” button in the bottom right hand side of the screen.  A Color Picker window will launch. 

  • Dark Green - Paid/Closed Reservations 

  • Yellow - Partially/Open Tickets (Converted from Reservations) 

  • Light Green - Alternating (Used in every other row of the grid for tickets with no status to make grid display easier to read.)

 Colors may be changed by clicking on the color, selecting a new color, and clicking, “OK.”

Make Reservations within POS 

  1. Click on the desired time of the reservation to launch the Reservation form. 

  2. Complete the Book Reservation form information.

  3. Click Make Reservation

Edit Reservations within POS 

  1. Click on the Reservation. 

  2. Make changes as necessary to the Book Reservation form.

  3. Click Update Reservation.

  4. Click Cancel Reservation to eliminate reservation from the Dining System.  

  5. Click Discard Changes to exit the form without making any changes.

Convert Reservations to Open Tickets

  1. Click on the desired Dining reservation. 

  2. Ensure the Dining Room is set correctly.

  3. Select a table.

  4. Click on Server’s name to assign a server to the table. 
    Please Note: The ticket is open, the Table and Server have been assigned, and the Reservation moves to Partial/Open status (yellow).

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Best Practices

  1.  At the end of the shift or evening, go into System Tools, go to the Open Tickets tab, review open tickets and ensure all open tickets are closed appropriately.

  2. Items used on the Website need to have their Category set to sync to the website. This can be set in CMA by accessing System>System Settings>Website>Double Click URL to the Right>Categories. Select the Lookup to add the category to the list. Save and Close. The next auto sync will pick up the category and the items can then be used.


  1. How do I re-open a closed ticket?

    1. Go to System Tools, Closed Tickets, find ticket, and click Re-Open Ticket.  Confirm Re-Open, and modify as necessary.

  2. How does the Member Charge All function work?

    1. This feature is not applicable in the Dining Reservations system.  It is applicable for Events and Tee Times.  See respective guides for more information.

  3. Can Birthday cake be added as an Option when making a reservation?

    1. Yes, Birthday Cake can be created as an option, similar to the High Chair/Booster seat options that can be set up.  The Options do come over to the POS, and are visible in the Options column in the main Dining Grid.

  4. Can a Reservation be made directly from the Point of Sale?

    1. Yes, a reservation can be made directly from the POS by utilizing the Admin Dashboard.  Once the Dashboard has launched, select the Dining Room, the time, and then make the reservation utilizing the Reservation form.  The information exists in real-time within the POS once the Reservation has been booked.

  5. How do I know if I am set up for Dining Unification?

    1. Contact your Customer Success Manager.  If you don’t know who your CSM is, email am@clubessential.com, and someone will follow up with you to let you know.