Website (10.01.18) Release

 Website - Release Notes


Mobile App

 Calendar Functionality 

  • Added functionality allows for Calendar Month View on Mobile App for Android Users.

Please Note: This change will take effect with the latest update for the Mobile App.

Use Case: Recent App changes had allowed for Users to view the App
Calendar in a Month view for iOS Users only. Now, added functionality will allow Android Users to view the Club Calendar on the App in the Month view with corresponding events per day selected, shown beneath the Calendar, as seen below:


 Tee Sheet - Daily Notes

  • Enhanced Member functionality by adding the ability to view the Daily Notes that display above the Tee Sheet, now when viewing on Mobile Site or Mobile App.

Use Case: Previously, Members were unable to view Daily Notes when viewing the Tee Sheet from the Mobile Site or Mobile App. Now, with enhanced functionality, Members can view the Daily Notes (i.e. Course Closures, Weather Delays, Special Event Announcements, etc.) at the top of the Tee Sheet from the Mobile Site and Mobile App.

Please NoteAt this time, the feature is only available for Tee Sheet, future releases will include this feature for other Reservations products. Contact your Clubessential representative to enable this feature for Mobile. In addition, Tee Sheet Daily Notes on Mobile View are not ideal for longer messages and cannot contain images (text only). Please keep in mind the limited space for Daily Notes when viewing on a Mobile Device.

Tee Sheet - Transportation

  • Enhanced User experience by updating the Transportation option default to the first option in the course transportation dropdown, for those Users employing the Golf Genius Pairings Push or Users importing Starts to CE Tee Sheet.

Use Case: Previously, Users would have to manually change each Members transportation preferences as the system would default to ‘none’ upon import. Now, the Tee Sheet will default to the first transportation option in the list upon sync or import

Please NoteThis enhancement only affects those that are currently using the Pairings Push to the CE Tee Sheet from the Golf Genius Tournament Software or those importing Starts into the CE Tee Sheet.


 Email Audit Tool 

  • Increased User functionality by adding a logging feature to Email Reporting in the Website Email tool to increase support for Email issues.

Use Case: Previously, Emails originating from the Website product had no Change Log associated and Users were unable to see who created or scheduled Emails. Now, additional functionality allows for Users and CE Admins to view changes (i.e. creation, scheduled email(s), edits to scheduled email(s), and sent emails) made to Emails.

Please NoteThis change log does not include recurring emails.

Forms - Google Captcha

  • Enhanced User experience by allowing for more than one form to be placed on a single page.

Use Case: Previously, if a User had more than one form with Google Captcha enabled on a page, when a form was submitted, it would cause a web page error. Now, with adjusted page criteria, more than one form can exist and be submitted on the same page without causing a web page error.

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