Office - Version 5.9

Office - Release Notes

5.9 Highlights

Global Transaction Search

Added a new global transaction search to the Office application. The system will search for any ticket #, invoice #, dollar amount or posting memo and return all the results in an easy search screen. When you double click on a search result the system will automatically navigate you to that item in the system.

Enhanced Grid Security

Previously, when a user had rights to a management grid, but one or more of the items listed was not available to them due to security filters, it was very hard to figure out if that record was missing or why the user was unable to find it. We have updated the "All Records" button to show the user all records, even if they do not have rights to edit them, but by highlighting the row, the system will tell them why they do not have access to that record.

Scheduled Member Type/ Status Changes

You can now pre-schedule a member type or status change to occur automatically at some point in the future. This will allow easy maintenance of a seasonal membership, pending resignation, or leave of absence memberships.

Bulk Maintenance Notification Types

The application has been updated to include two new grid views available to users with the appropriate roles. These grids allow a user to manage at a bulk level the notification types (Statement, etc) linked to physical mailing addresses and email addresses. For example, being able to determine all the members who have Statement notifications linked to an address. Alternatively, you might want export a list of addresses or emails that are not configured for any notification types.


Axis Unification Changes

The application has been updated to allow for unification between one Office database to multiple Axis websites. This will allow clients with a single database hosting multiple clubs unify with stand alone Axis reservations systems. Additionally, sync support has been added for the following:



  • Selected Member Groups
  • Employees with Type and Statuses
  • Optional Photo Sync



Player Type / Golf Play / Rounds Items

The application now has a new member field called "Player Type". This is a reporting field that can be used in conjunction with the Golf Play Data Genie View. In addition, the previous Golf Round configuration has been updated to be completely dynamic for all values. This allows a client to configure any rounds reporting and Genie analysis based on their own requirements. See the Membership Menu for (Player Types, Golf Fee Categories & Golf Fee Types)

Multi-Select Lookup Lists

A new User Interface element has been added to Office to replace two older controls. This would be used anywhere that a user needed to select multiple items from a search-able list. For example, in previous versions, in interactive reports, all multi-select fields were done with a drop down combo box. This was very difficult to use when the lists had any significant number of items in them. Additionally they were not able to be searched or filtered. The new Multi-Select lookup list allows for both.

Allocate Shipping

Added a quick method to allocate shipping expense to the receipt of inventory items.


Kiosk Mode

Added a new POS operating mode for Kiosk. This allows the POS terminal to be configured for use directly by members in a self-service style environment. For example, a check-in screen at the fitness center would allow a member to check with just the swipe of a card. Alternatively, the pool area could be configured for member's to check-in and optionally select if they are bringing any guests.



ReServe Cloud Integration

 Added full integration support for the ReServe Cloud Product. 

Accounts Payable

New Features

  • Enter Vendor Invoices/Imports - Added Memo as a import field.
  • Manage Vendors/Grid - Added Email as an option under Column Chooser to be added to the grid.  It will display the Default email address for the vendor. 
  • Manage Item Receipts - Added Allocate Shipping button.  When used, the system will calculate the percentage of the total of each line in the Item Receipt and then disburse the amount allocated to each line based on that percentage. 
  • Manage Vendors - Added 'Use Tax Vendor' flag.  When enabled the system will prompt with a reminder on the Enter Invoice Screen that the Vendor is a Use Tax Vendor.
  • Manage Vendors/Grid - Added 'Use Tax Vendor' as an option under Customize Columns. 
  • Manage Vendors - Added ability to set AP Ledger, Expense Ledger and Terms Discount Ledger to (None).
  • Payment Terms - Added support of fractional quantities in the Discount field.
  • Quick Check - Added Reciprocal Check option to this feature.



  • Entry Screens - Corrected an issue where the system would lose focus when the user tabbed through the lines on the Vendor Invoice, Quick Check, Purchase Order and Item Receipt screens.
  • Enter Vendor Invoices/Departmental Split - Corrected an issue where the system was not always rounding correctly.  Now if the system cannot create a balanced entry it will split the invoice amount without rounding and prompt the user to make the correction where they see fit.


Club Intelligence


  • Events Dashboard - The system will not display the Events Dashboard for clubs that do not have the Events Module.


New Features

  • Dynamic Help - Update Help feature so it loads in a tab inside CMA instead of launching a web browser.
  • Help/License Activity - Added License Activity option to allow Administrative Users to Delete active sessions to free up licenses.
  • Selection Boxes - Updated many of the selection boxes throughout the system for speed of use.  This change effects, but is not limited to, the following screens, Manage Item/Modifiers, Item Combos, Item Category, Item Modifier Group, Contests, Text Message Blast, Print Member Statements, Enter Vendor Invoices, Quick Check, and Manage Item Receipts.
  • Batch Reports - Added posted date and time and who the batch was posted by to the header of all batch reports.
  • Grids/Active button - On all grids, when the Active button is set to All Records, the system will now display everything that the user doesn't have rights to view in grey.  When the user double clicks on something that displays as grey, the system will tell them what rights they need to be able to view it.
  • Transaction Search - Added Transaction Search field to the top left of the CMA screen.  It will search all of  the ID, Description, Amount, and Memo fields in the system.




  • Addresses - Corrected an issue where the system would place a '_' in the State field if the State was deleted from an existing address. 



New Features

  • Manage Employees/Security - Added alternating row color for easier use.
  • Manage Employees/Security - Added new role, 'Service Charge Exempt' to POS Terminal Category.  Employees without this role will not be able to use the Service Charge Exempt options in POS.
  • Manage Employees/Security - Added new role, 'Tax Exempt' to POS Terminal Category.  Employees without this role will not be able to use the Tax Exempt options in POS.
  • Manage Timekeeping - This feature has been re-instated and updated with new controls that are consistent with the rest of CMA.





  • Recurring Events - Corrected an issue where the time range was not displaying for recurring events.



General Ledger

New Features

  • Accounts - Added MICR field to the Banking tab.  Also added it as an available field to Check report.


  • General Ledger Transaction Grid - Corrected an issue where the system was not recognizing permissions grated at the Employee level and was filtering the grid incorrectly.


Guest Rooms

New Features

  • Reservation - Added Save and Close button to the Reservation screen.  



  • Reservation - Corrected an issue which allowed a reservation to be created that overlapped an existing reservation.


  • Block - Corrected an issue causing an error to be thrown when using Cancel Changes to exit a Block.



New Features

  • Inventory Adjustment Wizard/Import From CSV - Added ability to import by SKU.
  • Manage Items/Golf Rounds Setup - Replaced Number of Holes with Golf Fee Category.
  • Manage Items/Golf Rounds Setup - Replaced Round Type with Golf Fee Type.
  • Manage Items/Inventory - System will now allow the use of duplicate sku numbers.  The user will be prompted that the sku is already in use, and asked to verify that they wish to duplicate it.
  • Manage Price Scheduling/Prices Tab - Added 'Exclusive' option, when enabled, if multiple price schedules apply to an item, the system will apply only the Exclusive Price Schedule that gives the largest discount and ignore all others. 


  • Manage Items/Voucher - Added ability to set Credit Item to '(None)' as long as the Voucher Item flag is not checked.



New Features

  • Cash Receipt Types - Added 'Post to G/L With Detail' option.  When enabled the system will post the batch with one line per cash receipt so that the Bank Reconciliation Wizard will list each cash receipt instead of a lump sum for the entire batch.
  • Cash Receipt Types - Added 'Default AR Account' which when set will override the Primary AR Account in System Settings.
  • Manage Members/Grid - Updated Member Grid so the Join Date column for dependent members is populated with the main member's Join Date.
  • Manage Members/Grid - Added 'Has Photo' option to the Customize Column list.
  • Manage Members/Grid - When using Multi Edit for Member Type and Member Status with Change Reason enabled, the system will prompt asking if the selected Change Reason should be used for all of the members.
  • Manage Members/Scheduled Changes - Added ability to schedule changes to Member Type and Member Status.
  • Manage Members/New Member Wizard - Corrected an issue where the Save and New button on Phones was not displaying the New Phone screen.
  • Golf Fee Categories - Located under Membership in the menu at the top of the screen, Golf Fee Categories allow the Club to set up their own fee categories to be used in the Golf Rounds Setup section of Items.
  • Golf Fee Types - Located under Membership in the menu at the top of the screen, Golf Fee Types allow the Club to set up their own fee types to be used in the Golf Rounds Setup section of Items.
  • Player Types - Located under Membership in the menu at the top of the screen, Player Types allow the Club to set up their own Player Types to be used in the Member file.  This feature replaces the Golfer Type field in previous versions.
  • Member Charge - The Service Charge column will allow an edit to $0.00 but any other changes will revert back to the calculated amount after leaving the field.



  • New Member Wizard - Corrected an issue where creating a dependent/spouse member with an 'Is Spouse' Member Type was not setting the Spouse field on the Billing Member.



New Features

  • Messages - Added 'Enable Area Filters' option which will display an Areas tab and allow for the message to be configured to only display on selected Areas.
  • Online Orders - Added Notes button that will display if the member enters Special Instructions during ordering through Mobile Menu.
  • Edit Area Layout - Added scroll bars.
  • Manage Ticket Templates - Added new Control, 'Credit Book', which will print total credit book available for the member in the ticket area.
  • Ticket List - Added Member Charge All button to the bottom of the Ticket List.  The button will default to 'Enabled' for all Check-In Areas and can be enabled for the rest under Membership at the top, Terminals.
  • System Tools/Re-Opening a ticket - Added warning prompt when re-opening a refund ticket settled to credit book reminding the user that the credit book will remain and must be manually adjusted.
  • System Tools/Utilities - Added 'Print To Screen' option.
  • Consolidated End Of Shift Report - Added Subtotal.
  • Tee Times/Member Charge All - Updated feature so any charges for Guests in the reservation will be charged to the Member.


  • Shift Summary by Server - Corrected an issue where tickets that were re-opened and closed again would report based on Closed Date and not with the original shift.
  • Ticket Entry/Upcharge Item - Corrected an issue where if the Upcharge Item feature was used on a Combo Item and then the Change Qty was applied the system was reverting the item price back to the original amount.
  • Change Quantity - Corrected an issue where Using the Change Quantity button with a negative quantity on an  item with a Flat Service Charge would result in the service charge being applied as a positive amount.



New Features

  • Saved Report Criteria - Added 'Make Public" option which allows Saved reports to be shared.  Once that option is selected and the Report Settings are saved, other users will have those Report Settings available to select that report criteria as if they had saved it themselves.
  • Accounting/Balance Sheet - Added 'Show Prior YTD' option.
  • Accounting/Balance Sheet - Added ability to select multiple companies.
  • Accounting/Balance Sheet - Added Total Liabilities line.
  • Accounting/Balance Sheet Drill Down - Added Prior YTD totals at the Account and Period level.
  • Accounting/Balance Sheet Drill Down - Added ability to select multiple companies.
  • Accounting/Balance Sheet Drill Down - Added Total Liabilities line.
  • Accounting - Added Currency Format option to all Balance Sheet and Income Statement reports.
  • Account/Balance Sheet and Income Statement - Set all Balance Sheet and Income Statement reports so the account number will wrap instead of being cut off.
  • Accounting/Sales Tax Detail - Added breakout for multiple service charges.
  • Employee/Employee Hours - Changed the report so that results will include Employees whose Area and Department security comes from the employee level not just the employee group level.
  • Membership/Installment Billing - Added From and To to the header of the report.
  • Membership/Installment Billing - Added Adjustment Column.
  • Membership/Member Voucher Transactions - Added totals.
  • Point of Sale/Golf Rounds - Updated  report options to use new Golf Fee Category, Golf Fee Type and Player Type.
  • Point of Sale/Exempt Sales - Added new Exempt Sales report which will give Invoice Number, Area, Employee, Member, Exempt Types and Invoice Total. 
  • Vendor/Check Register - Added Department to Account filer.
  • Vendor/Aged Open Invoice Report - Added multi-select to Vendor Categories and Vendors.
  • Vendor/Aged Open Invoice Report - Added 'Print Each Vendor on New Page' option.
  • Data Genie/Vendor Purchases - Added Due Date.



  • My Saved Reports - Updated so list is alphabetized.
  • Point of Sale/Daily Sales - Corrected an issue where the Hours Worked was being inflated.  Changed the rounding to two decimals and reformatted the report for better export.
  • Membership/Projected Member Billing Monthly - Corrected the report so that Billing Schedules that have been Customized to $0 are included in the report.



New Features

  • System Settings/Services/File Export/API Push -  The File Export settings in System Settings now allow users to specify a URL to POST to. The results of the SQL Query that a user specifies will now be converted to JSON and posted to the CRM endpoint the user specifies.
  • System Settings/Web Site/Clubessential - Added ability to specify which Member Groups are synced.
  • System Settings/Services/File Export - Added ability to Include Header.
  • System Settings/Accounts Payable - Added 'Disable vendor auto-population from previous vendor invoice' option.
  • System Settings/Partner Products/ReServe Gateway - Added full integration support for the ReServe Cloud Product.
  • Area/POS Options - Added 'Require Comp Selection' option.  When enabled POS will require that the user select from the list of Comp Reasons and will not display the option to type.
  • Area/POS Options - Added 'Allow Employees To Change Display Order in POS' option.  When enabled 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' buttons will display on the Order Entry screen below the list of selected items which can be used to re-order the list of items.  The Pay and Settle tickets will print in the same order as the display order on the Order Entry screen.
  • Area/POS Options - Added 'Group Like Items in POS' which will group identical items with identical modifiers together on the order entry screen and increment the quantity.
  • Area/Ticket Options - Added 'Guest Pay Ticket' and 'Guest Settle Ticket' when set the system will use these ticket templates when printing tickets for the Guest Member in POS.
  • Member Addresses Bulk Edit - Will display every member address for each of the Address Notification Types and allow Administrator users to Multi Edit, Address Category, Is Selected (Notification Type), Start Date, End Date, Is Perpetual, and Share with Dependent. 
  • Member Emails Bulk Edit - Will display every member email address for each of the Address Notification Types and allow Administrator users to Multi Edit, Address Category, Is Selected (Notification Type), Start Date, End Date, Is Perpetual, and Share with Dependent.
  • Tax Code Items - Added new Tax Type, Automatic Gratuity.  This is a Service Charge type and will be grouped in with Services Charges throughout the system but will not be included during tax calculation when the Tax is based on Base + Service Charge.