Office (09.12.16) Release

Office - Release Notes


General Ledger


  • Updated account budget editor to allow copying, setting and deleting from multiple budget types and for a range of periods 
    Use Case: New functionality helps Clients looking to take a previous budget and copy it as a new budget (for the whole year, or for a part of the year).  As periods close, functionality also makes it possible to copy actuals from closed periods to budget numbers to assist with Projection Budgets (more Actuals, less Budget as year continues).



  • Added the ability to soft close a period by flagging it as restricted. Users with appropriate role permissions can still post into the period, but general batches would not
    Use Case: For Clients wanting to soft close an accounting period, so that normal batches can not be modified any longer, but the actual accounting users can still post their month end entries or make normal adjustments. This restricted flag allows Clients to do that.

Interactive Reports

Data Genie

  • Updated Data Genie to show currently selected view in the button caption
    Use Case: When working with a selected Data Genie view, it was sometimes difficult to determine which data model you were currently viewing. This enhancement shows the currently selected view in the tool bar after selection for clarity.

  • Added a Net value field to the Data Genie All Transactions view.
    Use Case: Provides ability to see Net sales = (Sales - Discount = Net Sales).
    (Note: Activate field for use by clicking on "Reset Layout", then right-click in column heading, choose, "Show Field List", and then double-click or drop and drag field onto column heading section.)

Financial Report Writer

  • Added additional error handling and automatic backups for financial report editor
    Use Case: The financial report writer works with very complicated and sensitive data. Added safety mechanisms to ensure Users would have an auto-backup to prevent Users from losing their work.


Membership: Projected Member Billing (Annual and Monthly)

  • Added check box to the Projected Member Billing reports to include/exclude installment billings
    Use Case: Provides ability to include or exclude installment billings in the report.


Items: Manage Item Categories

  • Added "Overrides Item Group" column to item category grid
    Use Case: Provides ability to view Categories that override Group settings.


Gift Card Types 

  • Updated Gift Card Types to add support for selecting multiple areas instead of one area group
    Use Case: Previously, gift cards could be set up to be valid in all areas or only in specific area groups. If you just wanted to have it valid in a single area, you would have to create an area group for just this particular configuration. Setting multiple areas directly on the type makes this easier to setup and manage.


Manage Members 

  • Added an edit mask for the phone text box to only allow inputting valid phone numbers (or anything followed by a +)
    Use Case: Phone number values were being entered in numerous formats. IE 555-123-1234 vs 555.123.1234 or (555) 123-1234, etc. Input box standardized to ensure consistency.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Inventory on Hand report not including transactions through the end of the day selected
  • Fixed an issue with member statements breaking out details by item category or item group even though the area is configured not to Show Summary Breakout on Statement
  • Fixed an issue with the "Exclude Guest Member" setting not saving across several reports
  • Fixed an issue with statement sync in PayCloud sync that prevents all line-items to appear as if they were charged by billing member
  • Fixed an issue with out of balance batches showing error about statistic accounts
  • Fixed an issue with inventory locking not including transactions through the end of the selected date
  • Fixed an issue with inventory transaction history report not including activity through the end of the selected end date
  • Fixed an issue with phone numbers in the XXX-XXX-XXXX format not masking correctly
  • Fixed an issue with scheduled reports not saving properly in interactive reports
  • Fixed an issue with the Cash Receipt ticket template that was causing it to not show the company name
  • Fixed an issue with ledger account editor that prevented you from selecting (None) for departmental or consolidated rollups
  • Fixed an issue with billing schedules disappearing on member form when editing an existing custom override
  • Fixed an issue that allowed item receipts to be created for on-hold or inactive vendors

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