Website (11.8.18) Release

 Website - Release Notes



    • New breakdowns added to the Tee Times Total Rounds Report.

      Use Case: Previously, the Tee Times Total Rounds Report did not include breakdowns for Gender (M/F or N if gender field is not populated in profile) and Relationship code (Member = 0, Spouse = 1, Dependent = 2 or greater). These have been added to increase awareness of Member trends.




Calendar Plugin Speed

    • Increased speed with Calendar Plugin Loading Behavior.

Use Case: Previously, Calendar Plugins could lead to slow page load times because they were searching for events 1,000 days in the future. Now, enhanced settings force Calendar plugins to only search and load events 90 days in the future, significantly speeding up the page load process.

 PayCloud Payment Snippets

    • Increased synchronization between PayCloud and Clubessential Websites to include payment snippets.

Use Case: Previously, the Clubessential Website Email product would show ‘N/A’ when certain snippets were added to include payment information from PayCloud. Now, enhanced functionality allows data to populate when PayCloud snippets are used on the Website and in emails.

Please Note: This enhancement only affects Clients currently using PayCloud and the Clubessential Website. These snippets are designed to show information from PayCloud on the Club website.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with CRM My Activities page.

  • Fixed an issue with new Course Utilization Report where it showed a web page error when there were zero Tee Times within the past week.

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